Video: EliteXC “Heat” Kimbo vs. Shamrock Promo Trailer


  1. this will be a better card but still kimbo better not be the main card fight..he should be co main

    i do think this will be a good fight for kimbo but it will for sure be a test..i think ken could be all the ppl Kimbo has been like Tank abbout, Thomsin so i thnk it will be a good fight but forsure i think Kimbo will win

  2. i'm looking forward to it should be a silly fight but still looking forward to it and also gina carano fights on the card so hellz yeah

  3. Kimbo and Ken is going to be a spectacle fight but I'm still curious to see what happens. Shields and Carano are always pretty fun to watch.

  4. Anyone think ken will "lose"?

  5. I'm gonna go for the underdog and say Shamrock will win. No, he won't win, he will dominate. He will take it straight to the ground and pound out a TKO. Of course, I said the same thing in both of the last Tito fights.

  6. i think ken has a chance if he takes it to the ground and tries for a leg submission, like he says he want to do. but lately he wants to keep it standing and ends up getting knocked down. hopefully he learned from his mistakes and goes back to his bread and butter.

  7. im putting Ken in the league as Phil Baroni its going to hard to say depends which Ken shows up

  8. Yeah as dumb as Shamrock is he is atleast smart enought to take this one down fast. He should pull out the win. I'm not a fan of either fighter but I will definitely pull for the "old school" in this one. I really hope he dominates.

  9. Wow ppl actually think ken even has a CHANCE. I guess none of u saw Kens last fight. Hell his last 8 fights. He is horrible. Anyone even giving him a chance is just hating on Kimbo. Kimbo wins by tko.

  10. I think Ken is an ass but I hope he brings it to Kimbo. He has looked so shitty since his second fight with Tito. I'm not a Kimbo fan or hater either. I just want to see a good fight. I'll be betting and I'll put my money on Kimbo.

  11. This is a garbage fight… I'm losing interest in EXC…

    Everyone knows Kimbo would'nt last 5 mins in the UFC cos he has such a minimal skill set.. I'm much more interested in watching the top level guys fight it out he see who is the absolute best in each weight class…

    That is what the UFC is…. (apart from the Heavy weight division where the best of the best fight for affliction)

  12. fuck it, mine as well through in Don frye and Kimo and call it ultimate ultimate 96, wait that already happened.

  13. steve You dont think Ken has a CHANCE? So if the fight goes to the ground you actually think Kimbo will pull out the win there also huh? Im not a Kimbo "hater". If they stay standing then yeah Kimbo will probably KO Ken. But you dont think Ken even has a chance? Even on the ground? ok dude…

  14. DanP is right!!!!

    This fight is a joke! Put Kimbo against any top contender in the Heavy Weight, or even Light heavy weight division and he'll lose.

    ** If you think Ken Shamrock is still a top contender, you're a retard.

  15. Oswald Gobblecock says:

    Tito isn't even a top contender anymore and he destroyed Shamrock in their last 2 fights. Tito can't even when against any1 else anymore so what does that say about Ken and Kimbo fight him?!

  16. NACO, I think Steve is saying that based on Shamrocks several previous game plans (which weren't very good) he will probably try to stand with him. It's really hard to say I disagree with Steve. I would rather see Shamrock win and retire, than lose and try to keep going. I do think he has a chance though and I am hoping he is smart enough to go to the ground as soon as he can.

  17. LMAO this fight is the funniest shit i ever herd in my life, you got kimbo the big dummy nobody thinking he's a somebody, then u got washed up old man shamrock. Shamrock is legend in this sport but come on cant he realize that he getting to old and ther comes a time to hang up the gloves, he should start his own camp and train the young fighters some old school technique. now Kimbo is just a fucking joke this guy thinks he's MMA cuz he had some popular street fights, give me a break his fights in Elite are no different than his internet fights, Elite should be slapped in the face for putting this guy in the ring, but i guess the idiot brings in money so i guess Elite isn't completely stupid. But if i have to pick somebody to win i will pick shamrock and hopefully he gets it threw his head to take his opponent to ground were he belongs.

  18. thank you ryan as ken thinks he is a kickboxer now and tries to stand in about every single fight he is in anymore. He will probally try and knock kimbo out again. Ken is plaain and simple washed up.Sorry but I really dont think he has a chance.

  19. dannyphilavanh says:

    I think Ken can pull this one off because Kimbo has no ground game at all! If you saw in Kimbo's last fight he got taken down numerous of times and he almost tapped out. If Ken could pull off some old school submission i think he can take the win.

  20. hands down i think kimbo will win this. there is no 'if shamrock can get it to the ground' scenario that will secure the victory. i'm sure since the thompson fight, kimbo has steadily increased his skills in his ground game. he already has sick and powerful standup…once he gets the grappling down he'll be even better! all he has to do is sprawl out to stuff the old guys takedowns and it's back to standup action. i'm puttin my money on kimbo knocking shamrock out [sorry ken, you're a legend and i respect you, but i think kimbo's gonna smash your face in].

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