Video: Brandon Vera Explains Why He Turning Down Fight With Loyoto Michida


  1. vera will get the win and then i hope fight michida

  2. i think machida will get him. But Reese Andy is a pretty easy fight for Vera. Let him build momentum for his next big fight.

  3. there is alot of great fights for him at lhw, and he will have a better size advantage there than at h.w. but i still think he is better off in the h.w. devision where it is thinnner

  4. yeah he is better at heavy weight because the UFC doesnt have good heavy weight but still at light heavy Vera will be very hard to beat… hes never been knock out in the ufc and heavy weight so what light heavy will do that and he is used to bigger stronger guys so this is a great idea and all Light Heavys better watch out

  5. Rayburn says:

    Vera's an overhyped cry baby, who couldn't hack it in Hw. Let him join LHW and have Chuck chase him back.

    Not even brave enough to take on Machida, disgrace.

  6. Oswald Gobblecock says:

    Vera" "I'm a fighter, that's what I do" but he won't fight Loyoto Michida!

  7. Oswald gimme a break. He clearly stated he wants to fight him but he'd like more tan THREE FREAKIN WEEKS to train for him.

  8. Vera needs years to prepare for Machida thats why he won't fight him.

    Werdum would beat Vera again.

    Why would he want that fight.

  9. i thought vera may have been a chump too. but he explained that he needed time to prepare for a machida. cant blame him. machida is smart and elusive. every fight he's been in i've seen him frustrate the hell out of his opponent. if vera wants some satisfaction, he should have punched out the interviewer.

  10. dane drebin says:

    i wouldnt want to fight lyoto unprepaired either it would be a stupid career decision especially comming off two back to back loses and trying to cut to 205 for the first time. he made the right choice he needs a win.

  11. Dane… I agree – Machida is probably the toughest fight at 205 because of his style… Vera needs a win to get him back on track… LHW is gonna be hard for him with Chuck, Rampage, Shogun, Wandi etc!!

    I woulda loved to have seen Anderson Silva vs Vera at 205!!!

  12. For all the trash talkers I think you guys nailed the true point. Machida is not a 2 month fight.

  13. Are u serious? Machida the hardest fight at light heavyweight? Come on bro he is good but not the best. Chuck would smash him and so would rampage. Which both of those guys will kill Vera.

  14. You're right hes not the hardest fight but he is probably the hardest to win just because of the way he fights. I'd give a ton of respect to anyone who can outpoint Machida.

  15. I feel that Machida is gonna ge tko'd as soon as he fights a great striker. Soku dont count b/c that was his first fight in the UFC and Soku has actually stated that he would like to fight Machida again. Personally I dont want to see that rematch. Maybe if they both go on big streaks and they are set for a contenders match but I dont se the point if its not for that. Also the hardest person to outpoint is rampage. He has such great striking and wrestling skills that Machida would have seroius problems with him. Too bad tito sucks now I always wanted to see him fight rampage. Imagine tito in his prime vs Rampage. That is the fight right there. Yes I know they are both friends and have stated that the money would have to be real good but that they would do it. And they have trained together numerous times. I am in between on Vera. I think it is best for him to drop down just because I dont think he has the size and power or mere body frame to be a champ at heavyweight. But I dont think he will have much success against a lot of the LHW fighters. That division is so stacked in the UFC right now. Its a bit if e to me.

  16. Just to Clarify… I don't think Machida is the best LHW… but his awkward style makes him hard to beat (and Vera needs a win)… I think Machida will end up getting KO'd by one of the heavy hitters…

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