Video: BJ Penn Looks Back At Florian and Forward To Sanchez

BJ Penn talks about his successes training for Kenny Florian. He blames the length of the fight due to Kenny’s running and unwillingness to engage.


  1. I know that ppl got a bad taste in their mouth when bj did what he did after the gsp fight with the whole greasing thing. But he loves to fight. And sanchez always bring a hell of a fight. I can't wait for this fight. I think it will be action packed on the feet and on the ground. Both guys love to scrap.

  2. Shogun Of Harlem says:

    this is going to be a great fight. I cannot wait to see it.

    Other fights i want to see.

    silva vs. rampage.

    silva vs. machida

    silva vs. gsp

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