Video: Anderson Silva Master Fighter Impersonator

UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva impersonates various fighters while filming the MMA Ultimate Set of instructional videos.


  1. That is some funny shit right there.

  2. dane drebin says:

    that was funny haha was the one before royce suppose to be lyoto? lol

  3. first, anderson needs to start training his ass rather than impersonating. he looked like shit in his last 2-3 fights. second, if chuck sees this video, you know he won't be retiring anytime soon.

  4. dane drebin says:

    i really dont think chuck gives a shit about this video it was just funny he did a lot of impressions i think the only person who would get pissed is prolly wandy and iots cuz they all ready have beef

  5. Cobra Clutch says:

    They should have asked him to do Thales Leites…he could have flopped on his back and laid there. hahahaha.

  6. funny video and Corbra haha funny stuff man

  7. I don't think that anderson looked like shit in his last two fights I just think he looked boreing. Being too technical to hit means your an elite BUT boreing fighter at times. I have to say that the gracie impression was funny as hell.

    But I also agree that his focus should be on training more to finish fights instead of not taking damage.

  8. If he looks like shit when he fights why can't anyone beat him.

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