Video: Anderson Silva As Bruce “The Spider” Lee

The Ultimate Fighting Championships middleweight champion Anderson “The Spider” Silva entertaining a crowed of spectators, with his rendition of Bruce Lee.

The second video is Bruce Lee in Fist of Fury. Lee takes on a Kung Fu school with classic moves and a nun-chucks.

Bruce Lee: “Be like water my friend”


  1. Bruce Lee was bad ass. Fists of Fury is just crazy and Enter the Dragon is probably my favorite. Anderson does a decent impression.

  2. Return of the Dragon is the best.

  3. Dont remember the name but I like the one with Afro Thunder on it, on that island. That was the shit. Bruce Lee was the shit. I remember reading his book…the Tao of Jeet Kune Do…as a kid. He was smart as hell when it came to the philosophy of fighting.

  4. silvas a great guy and an awesome champion but i want hendo to beat him so rich franklin can get outta limbo and the middle weight division opens up a little bit

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