Video: Al Bundy Talks Martial Arts And The UFC

Who knew Ed O’Neill aka “Al Bundy” was into to Grappling and MMA

props: UFCCountdown


  1. Pretty interesting interview, Bundy talked a lot of trash about the current state of the UFC and its fighters, but he has same good points in there too.

  2. Some good points, but UFC is more dangerous then boxing in my opinion….when a 200 LB man hits your skull with his leg you wont forget that.

  3. Great interview. I agree completely. Except for taking the gloves off. That won't happen. It is true about the revolving door. The UFC has created a backyard brawl type of entertainment. You've got guys like Penn, who stay true to technique and have a tough time because of the wrestler who has outstanding take-down defense.

    I remember when Chuck was teaching those guys in Ultimate fighter to throw those haymakers, and I thought to myself – are you kidding!!!!

    I think only time will tell whether MMA is more or less dangerous than boxing. Give it 20 years and if guys are being fed from tubes and stuttering with their words, and shitting themselves – I guess we'll know.

  4. Good point Crynot, I think we will see if these guys are braindead in 20 years like old time boxers.

    Personally, I think boxing is worse, I've done it and it it like getting your brain scrambled slowly. The fights are much shorter in MMA too.

    Personally, the biggest hits to the head I've ever received were from being flipped onto the back of my head in football( concussion) and when I tried to dunk one time in basketball and flipped off the front of the rim and landed square on the back of my head again(concussion too).

    So all sports are dangerous which is why I hate when people call MMA nothing but a dangerous street fight. Unlike Al Bundy, I like the rules in place, they are not perfect but no rules ever are. They protect the fighter and if the ref didnt stand you up, people would be bored. I know I was bored watching grappling before I studied it.

  5. good point. I'll admit that even though I know it's technique and an art form – it is pretty boring when the fighters are clinched or on the ground.

    As far as the time limits go – think about how many people already gas out as it is with time limits. Tito wouldn't last, along with half those guys.

  6. The ground stuff is boring most of the time so Im always happy when they get stood up. I love the one punch knockouts better than any submission.

  7. ultimate47 says:

    There were some good points made in the video. And surprise surprise Leet!! lol In my humble opinion, i think the point Ed made about standing fighters up is a good one. If you get taken down, and your opponent is good enough to keep you down there. Then it should be up to YOU and You only to work your way back up. No a ref. To many people have no respect for fighters ability on the floor. If you're shit on your back then you're in the wrong sport. It really really pisses me off when the crowd boo. If you wannt to boo. I have an idea for you. You get in there and see how you do. Respect fighters for what they are doing. Pride was great out there. No booing or anything. Just total respect for people in the ring.

    I also felt there were some good points he said about being good at a few bits here and there. There really is no true master of their chosen art as such. But that is because of it being a sport and not a tradition fight as such. There will never be a time when everyone is happy. Thats just human nature. But i think its a total winner. The sport is awesome, and i would never boo a fighter. Unless it was Shamrock Vs Severn style!!! lol

  8. Well said…

  9. Off subject, but I'm a big fan of the guy from the married with children series. And if anyone hasn't seen it, check out the movie "Dutch"…its hilarious.

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