Urijah Faber Responds To Chuck Liddell’s “Peeping Tom” Workout Video

Urijah Faber talks about texting Chuck Liddell following watching his nude workout video on the internet.

“Good did you put that video of you and your chick working out naked … or was someone peeping you guys out” – Urijah

“Peeping bro, were at my buddies house gym.” – Liddell

“Have you seen it yet, at least you guys don’t look that bad. Is the UFC trippin” – Urijah

“A little but not bad … I haven’t seen in, but I wasn’t doing anything wrong really” – Liddell


  1. CobraClutch says:

    Interviewer dude, next time you interview somebody, fix the audio and reduce the size of your window. Because we really don't care about seeing you with headphones.

  2. smackallica says:

    Really? It was funny? Benny Hill was funnier than that shit.

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