Ultimate Fighter 7 Finale: Matt Arroyo vs Matt Brown

The Ultimate fighter season 6 contestants Matt Arroyo and Matt Brown will face off for the second time at the Ultimate Fighter 7 finale, June 21 from The Pearl Concert Theater at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada.

There first meeting came in 2006 at RFC 7 “Night of Champions”, in which Brown came out the victor TKOing Arroyo in the second round.

Arroyo is coming off a win over fellow TUF teammate John Kolosci at the Ultimate Fighter 6 Finale.

TG: MMAMainia


  1. matt brown should win again

  2. i think arroyo will submit brown. ill put money on arroyo submitting brown.

  3. yeah me to but matt won last time and i hope he will agagin but all of matts lost are by sub so idk if he can win again

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