UFN 11 Fighter Pay

ufc fighter payouts

UFC Fight Night Live fighter Payouts.

Kenny Florian ($22,000) def. Din Thomas ($16,000)
Chris Leben ($20,000) def. Terry Martin ($12,000)
Nate Diaz ($30,000) def. Junior Assuncao ($6,000)
Nate Quarry ($20,000) def. Pete Sell ($10,000)
Luke Cummo ($32,000) def. Edilberto Crocota ($4,000)
Cole Miller ($16,000) def. Leonard Garcia ($6,000)
Gray Maynard ($16,000) def. Joe Veres ($3,000)
Thiago Alves ($28,000) def. Kuniyoshi Hironaka ($10,000)
Dustin Hazelett ($16,000) def. Jonathan Goulet ($6,500)


  1. Again I just don't understand the justification of the payouts. Luke Cummo tops the list????????? I just don't get it.

  2. Yeah, Cummo and Alves got the better end of the payouts. I think Goulet got screwed, but then again he didnt win.

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