UFC Video: Tito Ortiz On His Comeback, Dana, Coleman and Haters

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz talks bout his Comeback, Dana White, Mark Coleman and Haters.


  1. I don't like Tito at all…cocky punk who thinks hes better then he is……….buuuuuuuut, from the start of that video to about the 1:30 mark is exactly what Fedor should be saying….so props there Tito

  2. I agree 100%. It's about business, and this is a good move for both Tito and the UFC. I think Tito can hang with the big boys but I don't see him dominating by any means. He'll sell tickets though.

  3. sorry but Tito can't even run with Babalu these days.

    Tito…. you haven't won a fight in the UFC for over 2 years!

    its time for him to move on, i honestly doubt that Tito will beat Coleman.

    "i want to compete with the best"

    errrrr Tito…. you're not even in top 10…. Strikeforce is too good for you let alone UFC.

    100% business move by the UFC and Dana.

  4. Damz is it me or tito dusent look that good like he's sick or somthing ?

  5. dane drebin says:

    donio tito hasnt trained for over a year hes just outta shape its like his third day of training. i think coleman might be a bad matchup for tito because tito even said coleman is a better wrestler and tito never wins fights that he cant out wrestle his opponent ala chuck, randy, and lyoto. people sell coleman short but he is still a world class fighter imo and it looks like his cardio has improved a lot. i hope they match tito up with someone else. id like to see tito vs jardine. i think tito could beat jardine. if tito does fight coleman tho my money will be on tito i think he will wear coleman out and outstrike his opponent for the first time in his life lol. i think tito still has a lot left in his gas tank if he can get back into shape. he beat forrest 2 rounds to 1, beat rashad 2 rounds to 1 if he wouldnt have grabbed the fence and did a hell of a lot better against lyoto than rashad or thiago silva did.

  6. the reconition he deserves ? he does think hes the best dont he?

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