UFC Video: Houston Alexander On ESPN

UFC fighter Houston Alexander talk about his upcoming fight with Thiago Silva at UFC 78 this Saturday.


  1. The more I follow Alexander, the more he grows on me as a fighter. I hope he continues to win. He's an inspirational guy.

  2. He grew on me too…I read on another site that the scar on his stomach is from when he gave his kidney to his kid and he was shocked that people would be suprised that he would do that. He's loyal to his family and his job. He's a real fighter and I hope he has another good win.

  3. Yeah I know what u guys mean. forrest Griffin is one of those fighters with me. He is just a raw fighter. Not too cocky but a scrappy guy thats gonna go in and throw bows. I like that but then again I also like guys like Wanderlei and Shogun. Or like the HB badboy back in the day. Tito use to be perfect for the UFC but ur only cool if u can back it up lol.

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