UFC Video: Georges St.Pierre vs. Matt Hughes, I and II

A quick look back at the UFC rivalry between the wrestler turned MMA fighter Matt Hughes and one of MMA’s most well rounded fighters, Georges St.Pierre. Matt Hughes and GSP will lock horns for the third time on December 29 at UFC 79 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

GSP on UFC.com:

“I’m so excited to get this fight. I’m fighting Matt Hughes for the interim title right now, and then after that I’m going to go after Serra. I’ve wanted that rematch against Serra, and this is the best scenario that can happen.”

Matt Serra on UFC.com:

“I can’t believe the position this puts me in. I’m actually rooting for Matt Hughes so I can beat his ass.”

Matt Hughes vs. Georges St.Pierre I

Matt Hughes vs. Georges St.Pierre II

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  1. I watched both of these on Pay per View and I will definetly watch the the 3rd on it to. I cant wait. If it is anything like the first 2 im happy.

  2. yeah this ufc is going to be the best one all year..i cant wait to see the rest of the fight card.

  3. Both of these fights are classics and I cant wait for the PPV. I know GSP is the heavy favorite but I think Matt Hughes is serious when he says hes about done. He wants to leave as the UFC champ again so I'm not counting him out on this one. He is going to train even harder for GSP. I get the feeling its going to be a great fight again.

  4. Can't wait to see Hughes EAT ANOTHER SHIN from GSP. Haha…

  5. i hope its a 5 round war..

  6. I cant see Hughes winning this fight. He hardly landed a punch in the second one. Plus GSP's wrestling looked amazing against Koshcheck. GSP to athletic to lose

  7. I'd never count Huges out of a fight. GSP is a heavy fav but anything can happen in this sport. Serra doesnt have the striking arsenal as GSP and has no height and no reach and he knocked him out.

  8. Forget the grudge match. This fight is ten times better and I can't wait to see St. Pierre on top again. Hughes is going to put up a good fight. St. Pierres wrestling looked much improved in the Kos fight so I think either he will dominate or there will be another crazy finish. I'm also betting Wandi is going to down Chuck so both former champs might be passing the torch on for the new year.

  9. I'm with KOPower on this one.

  10. If chuck loses i think hes done and should retire..Im with morey..

  11. Yeah, Chuck screwed himself by not picking up a win vs. Jardine. You're only as good as your last fight in this sport so if he loses 3 straight its going to be hard to promote him for any big fights. He should retire but I promise that as long as he doesnt get Ko'd quickly and hangs with Wandi, he will want to fight again.

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