UFC Video: Brock Lesner Interview

MMA News was able to get an interview with Brock Lesnar following the fights at UFC 77.


  1. I cant wait to see Brock F-5 someones ass….

  2. Brock is going to tear up the heavyweight division. Dana "the loser" White should get him in the ring sooner then later if he knows what is best for the UFC. Also best wishes to Randy Couture. U will be missed by a true MMA fan. Thanks for a the memories.

  3. superman73 says:

    brock will destroy anyone in the division.that's why randy resigned.he wants to save face.

  4. im not going to write lesnar off like a lot of people are doing. but im not saying he is going to be a contender i will wait until he gets a real test in the ring.

  5. Knowing that Lesnar dominated college wrestling and seeing how fast and strong he was in the WWE, I'm not writing him off either. All I want to know is how hard he is training and if he can take a punch.

  6. excatly! in his only mma fight he just took the guy down straight away and then pounded him out. he's been training for 2 years now and working with royce gracie and pat miletich and now he is in the UFC he will probably get even more top coaches.

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