UFC Undisputed 2009: BJ Penn vs. Nate Diaz

UFC Undisputed 2009: Game play footage of BJ Penn and Nate Diaz. Release Date – May 19, 2009. Pre-Order on Amazon.com.

TG “CagePotato


  1. Can't wait for this game! You get 2 extra fighters if you pre-order from gamestop. Kuddos on the Penn beat down!

  2. Oswald Gobblecock says:

    Yeah I hope this turns out to be really good.

  3. yes stick to video games where you can make your dreams come true.

  4. honestly, tell me that fight would go that way. I don't think so

  5. richaaron says:

    Dude, looked like Diaz had some grease on him…

  6. nate diaz must have been playing on easy there. too bad this isn't going to be on the ps3.

  7. Don't worry BJ will protest the fight to the NSAC and he will bring his mom too.

  8. that fight would go that way…also can't wait for the game..

  9. this game will in fact be on ps3 also.

  10. No way Tom. Everyone seems to think since BJ made a bitch move that he is all of a sudden a bad fighter. Nate Diaz's head is like a balloon full of blood. He gets punched and spills all over. His BJJ isn't that good. It's good, but I don't think good enough for BJ. Doesn't really have any credible wins other than maybe Pellegrino and MAYBE Neer. This is great, this isn't even the topic.

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