UFC To Make A Special Announcement Today At 1pm EST

UFC president dana white

According the UFC website, UFC president Dana White will be making a “Special Announcement” today at a UFC 82 pre-fight press conference to be held today, at 1pm EST.

Their is lots of speculation surrounding this announcement, some of the rumors include, the announcement of a major sponsor, the UFC will officially announce Mark Coleman’s induction into the UFC hall of fame, or possibly a network broadcasting deal with FOX.

Whatever it is stay tune, as we will have the latest UFC news, as it becomes available.

UFC® President Dana White will be making a major announcement at the UFC® 82 PRIDE OF A CHAMPION pre-fight press conference in Columbus, Ohio.

UFC.COM will feature the official announcement at 1pm EST. Look for video highlights of the press conference featuring Dana White, along with a special guest, making the announcement later in the day.


  1. there big annoucement is that bud light is sponsering them.thats good news for dana but thets see if it translates into good news for the fans and fighters with more money coming in they should be able to sign the fighters that they did not want to pay and keep there rosters full.

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