UFC Special On CNBC, ‘Ultimate Fighting, From Blood Sport To Big Time’

Quote of the Show: Dana White “at six feet and a chiseled 210lbs” HAH!

dana white on Cnbc



  1. That was some good stuff! I didn't know that Lorenzo Fertita was on the Nevada State Athletic Commision Board. Hmmm, makes that whole acquisition of the UFC in '01 seem kinda shady…

  2. @richarron

    I agree. Completely shady, but I'm glad the UFC was purchased by the fertitas.

  3. What isn't shady in Vegas. Doesn't suprise me at all.

  4. No doubt, the best thing that could've ever happened in the MMA world was the purchase of the UFC by the Fertita's. They had alot of faith in Dana and look how it payed off, literaly. I really do believe that this is just the tip of the iceberg for MMA and that within the next few years this thing is really gonna explode…

  5. yeah i agree. i just hope MMA isn't attracting low life bums that need money. they should attract real fighters dedicated to the sport.

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