UFC Setting Its Sights On Cowboy Stadium In 2010

Looking to follow boxing’s 50,000+ fans that packed Cowboy Stadium to watch the Pacquiao vs Clottey fight in March, UFC President Dana White tells the Dallas Morning New,

“We’re definitely, 100 percent going to Cowboys Stadium, no doubt about it. With our sport, people will fly in from all over the world … Now that I’ve experienced that place, let me tell you what, it’s incredible,”

He didn’t give a specific event date, but said the UFC was aiming to hold the event “In the next eight months”.

The brand new 80,000+ seat stadium was completed in 2009, just outside of Dallas, Texas.


  1. I've toured it. It is an amazing stadium. Watching the UFC there would be sick!!!!

  2. other derek says:

    their not gonna fuck around with a weak card either big name fighters for sure!!!!!

  3. perfection1st says:

    Man, I can't wait for that to happen. You know it has to be a Bad A** card. Jerry Jones knows what he's doing, my boy went to the Pacman fight and he said besides Clotty not wanting to fight it was a great experience. This is gonna be good for the UFC.

  4. it better be a great card if they expect to fill that thing. its like 3 or 4 times the size of the usual arenas they put shows on in

  5. Yeah, but just going there to hear Joe Rogan say "Let's see that again" and then look up at that massive TV and see a killer knockout will probably be motivation for many to buy a ticket. I bet it will sell out or at least break a record for the UFC.

  6. CobraClutch says:

    How about this for a card…

    Lesnar/Carwin vs. Velasquez

    Dos Santos vs. Roy Nelson

    Kimbo vs. Toney

    Anderson Silva vs. Shogun

    Penn vs. GSP III

    Florian vs. Maynard

    Arianny vs. My Shaft

  7. perfection1st says:

    Great card but don't you mean my shaft as in me not you?lol

  8. Senator Spanky says:

    It'll be quita a spectacle. Only thing is, if you're not near the ring, you'll be paying all that money to watch it on the biggest HD screen on the planet. It will be good for the sport.

  9. Nichole Lesniak says:

    Spanky's right…. just went to 111. Had fairly decent seats and still ended up watching the jumbotron most of the night.

    Then again, I've been to events where I've sat cageside, and STILL watched the jumbotron. Only about 20% of the seats in these venues are good for actually watching the fights.

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