UFC Sends Couture A Love Letter, In The Form Of An Injunction

randy couture lawsuit by the UFC

According to the FightNetwork, the UFC has filed an injunction against current UFC heavyweight champion Randy Couture. The injunction will prevent Couture from corning or even attending any IFL events. It is unclear whether the injunction will affect the Xtreme Couture gym’s involvement in the 2008 season of the IFL.

In its latest and most aggressive legal move against its reigning heavyweight champion, Zuffa LLC — the parent company of the Ultimate Fighting Championship — filed a preliminary injunction against Randy Couture that seeks to prevent the 44-year-old from appearing at, or in promotion for, the International Fight League show on Friday, Feb. 29 at the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas.


  1. ok kazja i know you will have alot to say on this one.

  2. Wow the UFC are really fucking assholes…they are doing everything in their power to destroy Randy's MMA life…What assholes

  3. That's monopolizzingg and Fukk'n the fighters big time! That' s some BULLSHIT! I was looking forward to seeing xtreme Couture in action.

  4. WOW! I need to get ready for this one you guys it is going to make some interesting reading. I will explain about how my injunction was served and how the deputy attorney general lied to the judge to get it applied. Earl Plowman said to the judge that Judo and jiu Jitsu was a full contact bloodsport and chokeholds are illegal. I spent so much time saving judo and jiu jitsu in this country from the commission trying to regulate the sport. Could you imagine if the commission regulated judo and jiu jitsu. They banned it in California back in 2000 so they could try and regulate it. The commission use to knock on my door on Sunday at dinner time. I would answer and they said if I do my event tommorrow they are going to arrest me. I said arrest me now then. F*ck your injunction. See how much power they have. The UFC can't stop me from using the Octagon so they get there friends of the Athletic Commission to put an injunction on me. See what is happening. Why do you think the IFL does not have teams anymore? Guess who replaced the IFL time spot on channel 13 because of this. I had a deal with Endeavor in 1999 to be on channel 13. The commission put an injunction on me. Guess who represents the UFC now for television? That,s right Endeavor.

  5. I am sticking to the title guys, Injunction, UFC Monopoly, IFL, MMA etc.

  6. Who wants to bet that Kazja is just some loser 20 year old guy with no job who's in his basement right now with a law book, wikipedia search engine, and a dictionary…No one and i mean no one cares about you god damn conspiracy theories bro, so please shut the fuck up. I hate having to scroll down 40 post threads because you've been arguing with some dude how Wandi Silva didn't really get hit but faked it to make some quick cash. Everyone on this site and everyone reading this post loves the sport of MMA and doesn't believe you, so please I BEG YOU stop preaching to us because it isn't working…find someone who will believe you on a nother website

  7. Well said BRANDON!

  8. Thanks Cage…Also you work for the website right…? I was wondering how to become a guest writer for the site like they advertise on the contact page…

  9. Cage and brandon if this kat kaz is making shit up then why r u not reading what's in front of which is MMA news. the ufc sends couture a injuction letter saying he can't be an IFL coach/ team that's straight up wrong. If you want to talk about ads go to some web site that deals with ads. NOT MMA NEWS!

  10. madman suck my balls aight, if u notice i was the second person to comment on this thread and i always keep to the MMA talk so do not even think about telling me what i should and should not do

  11. dane drebin says:

    no shit i got ur back brandon u always stay on topic and have insightful things to say…

  12. Thanks Dane, who is this guy anyway…?

  13. thank u cage today admin, thank you so much!!! Finally we can get back to MMA…And how can I write for you site cause I would love to give opinion articles

  14. Alright I filled out the form, thanx a lot Admin, Your the man

  15. although i dont have a website address so i just wrote my email, hope thats okay

  16. Brandon…CageToday Admin Is not affilated with this site.

    I replyed to your contacts…..

    let me know if you didnt get them

  17. madmon69 – MMA only…

    To Everyone, please stop it with the put downs….If people continue with this, we will have to start banning.


  18. Brandon, Dane: This is what I was talking about. I used to love this place. I used to post my opinions every day. People like Kazja and several others are ruining this place. It's really too bad. This used to be better than Sherdog (for me), but now it's just the same.

    Think about it, why would I waste my time talking to a guy who makes up a false reality for himself (kazja) because there is something terribly wrong with who he really is or his real life? It's a scary thought.

    Most of my reasoning comes from my job. I am a Corporal for the Department of Corrections in my State. As a hobby outside of work, I obviously watch MMA and train (mainly Catch Wrestling and Boxing.) It takes my mind off the job. At work, I deal with some pretty messed up people every day. They are usually less than educated (to put it nicely) immature, and have several mental issues.

    Being that MMA is something that gives me a separation from work I don't want to post on a website that makes me feel like I'm right back at work.

    Oh and kazja, regardless of what you think, most people know you're a fake. No offense, but you should try to get away from your computer and find something to do physically and socially. It would be good for you. Don't take it as a put down, just friendly advice.

    Having said that, I'll just go out on a limb and say this will be my last post. Take care guys.

  19. Sorry to lose you Joe you seemed intelligent and know the sport well. The fake doesn't bother me at all, I never responded to him. I'm a fighter and I chose this as a career because I love MMA. I have about three sites that I post on and I'm on them and here because some of you know MMA pretty well and I like to read your opinions. That said, Cage you should ban Kazja. He's a waste of space on here.

  20. Same here. I also used to enjoy posting here and then reading up some funny stuff that dane dreblin and others would respond to. Now, I can't post without having a single reply from that kazja that just ruins my thinking of MMA. I'm starting to go more to sherdog and mmanews.

  21. This is how billionaires fight – with lawyers. Randy is going to burn up a lot of cash defending himself, and that is the intent of the court action.

  22. Were missing the point. The UFC is fighting a fight over money and greed. Now we wont ever get to see Randy in the cage again.

  23. Cage I didnt get it sorry

  24. And Joe please dont leave, theres few people left in the world with your knoledgwe of the sport

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