UFC Rumors and Match-ups: Grove, Wilson and Schafer

Confirmed: UFC newcomer John Howard (10-4) will take on Chris Wilson (14-4) at UFC 94

Cage Rage Heavyweight Neil Grove signs 4 fight deal with the UFC [source]

Confirmed: Eric Schafer vs Antonio Mendes at UFC 93 “Franklin vs. Henderson”

Yoshihiro Akiyama wants to fight in the UFC [source]

Never Surrender video trailer featuring Georges St. Pierre (Video Below)

With a wife and three kids and a career on the shelf for up to 18 months, UFC fighter Corry Hill could use your help. Gracie Tampa has set up a charity fund for the injured fighter to get trough these hard times. Show your support by donating to the fund HERE.


  1. Corry Hill could use your help.

    that is so true ad i am going to givce him 20 dollars…corey hil is a fighter and he cant fight for a year anda half..he has a family that he needo take care of and now he cant becasue he got hurt super bad..but i am a bi fan of corey and i am going to help him out and everyone should hlp with atlest a dollar….best of luck corey to you and your family

  2. Yoshihiro Akiyama i would love to see him in the ufc vs BJ

  3. I thought this movie looked KIND OF cool, but then I saw the move executed at 1:47 of the video, and that went out the door. I'm sorry, Rampage looks like a horrible actor.

  4. just another mma dud says:

    Yeah, that movie is gonna suck so bad. I expect that Jean Claude Van Damm with make an appearence as the kindly yet stricted, aged samurai master/ convenience store owner.

  5. i think the acting in this movie should win many awards.

  6. Just another MMA dude: "Jean Claude Van Damm with make an appearence as the kindly yet stricted, aged samurai master/ convenience store owner."

    beautiful, but you for got ….convience store owner who teaches them their skills, but to only use them if necessary, and that life should be filled with kindness.

    When was the lst time Van Damm had a movie in a theatre? And would GSP be excited to meet him?

  7. just another mma dud says:

    Too true, Ryan about the preaching kindness…at least thats what Jean Claude preaches until Ninja's and Mobsters break into his shop looking for BJ Penn and he has to unleash on them with his helicopter kicks and death touches.

    GSP would be fired up to meet Jean Claude so they could speak to each other in that same french-ish accent.

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