UFC Rumor: Anderson Silva vs. Thales Leites Likely In April

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According to MMA Junkie, UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva (23-4) will put his title on the line against fellow Brazilian Thales Leites (14-1) at UFC 97 on April 18 from the Bell Center in Montreal. The April fight is rumored to take place back in Montreal Quebec Canada, just one year after UFC 83 “St-Pierre vs. Serra 2″ invaded the great white north.

According to the report, the fight has been verbally agreed to, but no bout agreements have yet to signed.

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  1. lol no surprise here. Just like they do with all the ppl who are overrated. They give them weak opponents to milk them for all they are worth and it just sucks. What will beating Thales Leites prove? Leites should have lost to marquardt since marquardt handed him an ass beating. I just want to see just how good Silva is. Put him in with the best fighters not fighters that fit his style. Leites is a ground guy with not so good stand up. A. Silva wants to be the best fighter but yet he doesnt take fights with the best fighters. 205 is where he should fight anyways. He weighs as much as fedor but yet he fights at middleweight. Just come up to 205 and stop fighting mid lvl fighters.

  2. I like the spider but i agree with steve on this one also.

  3. Its not Spiders fault, its the UFC and not to mention he is the MWGHT Champ! so he must defend his belt…i would like to see him make the attempt to go to 205 and fight Lidell, Rashad, etc… but for now i will take what the UFC offers…any fight that the Spider is in is worth watching…i love watching that guy fight but i do agree with you on this one steve as well.

  4. UFC is acting weak! After that god awful performace over Cote he wanted to fight like a week after and now he's not going to fight till April? Maybe the UFC should consider adding in womens MMA cause they are acting like women! Make him fight someone real and I ain't paying for UFC 97! I watch it online for free thank you very much!

  5. funny how no one jumps on anderson for fighting weak fighters and call him the p4p best, but fedor fights tim and now aa with barnett to follow and people still hate.

  6. I like where you are going with this steve. It's not Fedor's fault he has beaten everyone available to fight him. I think I could make a better case for Fedor being overrated if he was under a UFC contract. Who's the UFC got that Fedor hasn't already whipped other than Randy? It's not silva's fault the UFC is depleted at middle. A true p4p #1 shouldn't have any trouble moving up to fight the stiff competition at 205 and I have no doubt Silva would love to try it. Dana will probably not let this happen until the last fight of silva's contract. He will then put him against an opponent capable of beating him and move on. If everyone thinks anderson is the best p4p then let him move up and show the same dominance at 205.

  7. gay..should be nate

  8. okami or nate i agree. leites is good but he won't be able to compete if it stays on the feet.

  9. Oswald Gobblecock says:

    He should fight at 205…. like every1 wants

  10. Man am I glad to see that im am not the only 1 that thinks this.

  11. They really only need one or two more knockouts to sell the anderson silva mini dvd box set of A. Silvas KO's> But seriously yeah weak hopefully it is just a rumor

  12. I would rather see Hendo get a rematch then watch this garbage, okami, nate, shit even bisping and i hate guy. Didnt laetes just Lose?

  13. Leites should have lost the fight with Nate but that was a contrivercial win. I think Okami would match up pretty good with Silva and Hendo definitely deserves another shot.

  14. this fight isn't finalized and i dont think it will happen. joel silva has to be reading the comment boards on some of these sites and noone wants to watch this fight. you have to listen to the customer.

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