UFC Rejects Blogs Sponsorship

I read on UFCmania.com that the UFC has rejected their sponsorship of UFC fighter Jon Fitch. This blows my mind. What, because now that the UFC controls the whole sport, they can play God. Did you see how many Girls Gone Wild Commercials were on UFC 70, on Spike TV and they are worried about a blog dedicated to promoting there promotion, sponsoring a fighter. UFCmania said that they heard the news via Jon Fitch and not the UFC. No reason was given as to why the sponsorship was rejected. What’s the big deal if a UFC fan site wants to sponsor a fighter who has to work as a bartender to pay the bills. I was already disgusted about how little the UFC pays under card fighters. I want to know why the UFC made this decision. My only guess is that UFCmania.com has UFC in their name and they have to enforce their trademark. I sure going to keep an eye on this story. All I have to say to the UFC is: “Don’t bite the hand of the blog that promotes you”.


  1. Well said Cage. The UFC is being very cocky lately, trying to control most of what is MMA right now. I have made as little as 200 a fight and right now UFC is the best I can do…and should I get the opportunity, I can kick my heels to about 2000. No, that is rediculous for a PPV that makes so much money.

    Some people, no matter how rich or powerful they are, want nothing more than to suck up every last bit of money or power. They want to decide who makes a decent living doing what they are talented at or what they love.

    I feel you, support your fighters and support those that support your fighters.

  2. Realwun says:

    It is f'd up but that is what Dana and the Fertittas is all about. They can get fighters whenever they want, there is a long line. Girls Gone Wild paid the UFC to have their ads shown every 5 minutes, but what does the UFC get from blogs?

    They get money from Tapout, Xience, all of those companies, but nothing directly from blogs. It is soulless and money hungry, but that is what they are all about, business.

    I'm a true fan of these blog sites and they offer some real perspective, not the political bullshit from the UFC or sponsored sites. Good luck to all of the blogs that I like, its an uphill battle, but I'm with you on this one. But like I said, it's just business for them.

  3. Yeah its about money and business. I think its more about control to the UFC. They are the empire and they are trying to stay that way as long as they can. They want the fighters to have to come to them if they want to eat.

  4. mactan1521 says:

    Does anyone know if any fighters have tried to form a union? It seems that a lot of the stuff that's been floating on the wire would be illegal if there were any sort of sensible collective bargaining agreement.

    No worker ever can rely on the generosity of his or her employer, and let's face it, fighters are working people making big money for someone else and making huge personal sacrifices for it.

    If people in the UFC or any other org want rights they'll have to fight for them as hard as they do in the cage, and why not? Everyone deserves to have a future.

    Time to stop complaining about Dana and do something about it, no?

  5. They dont have a union right now and I wouldnt expect any group of fighters who work for the UFC to get together any time soon. But when more organizations rise and offer more options to fighters, then I would expect there could be a union.

  6. that intresting about UFC bullying ufcmania as a friend of mine runs a ufc fansite, id rather the site remain anonymous as there may be legal implications, but ufc are trying to bully them off the net, even though all they do is promote UFC, whats that all about!!

  7. I still think its about control over the talent. Right now UFC pays fighters the best, but if they can get sponsorship outside of the UFC and their sponsors, then fighters have more finacial options. If they have more financial options then they have more options on which organizations they can fight for.

  8. I think the UFC should let fighters have outside sponsorships. Maybe set some ground rules like no painting ads on the body, like casinos do in boxing. If the fighters have outside sponsorships, the UFC can pay less and not have fighters living out of their cars and shit. What does the UFC have to worry about. They are the premier organization and its going to be a long time before anyone challenges them. With Pride gone, UFC controls the sport.

    Has anyone heard a updated response from the UFC or UFCmania.

  9. Realwun says:

    The UFC response is not going to change. They will not allow any sponsorship that they don't have ties too.

    With the popularity of MMA, I can see another orgainization gaining a lot on the UFC with signings by some big names like Fedor, Cung Le, or by stealing some of the popular UFC fighters, like Chris Leben who is going to ICON.

  10. Yes I can, I can ensure you applying there…go for it. lol

  11. very interesting, but I don't agree with you


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