UFC Press Conference Recap and Highlights

dana white, randy couture

UFC President Dana White conducted a conference call for the press to coincide with Randy Couture’s press conference in Las Vegas. You have to give White some credit, he is a master of the press.

UFC Key Points

  • UFC has extended their contract with SpikeTV trough 2011.
  • Spike TV, will broadcast 12 Live fight nights on Spike TV
  • BJ Penn Fight will be in December.
  • The UFC will advertise Brock Lesnar during WWE programing.
  • Brock Lesner will fight on the Superbowl Saturday show in Las Vegas.
  • Possibly 4 or 5 shows in the UK for 2008
  • Dana White, “Randy’s pissed at me”
  • “The problem was the deal wasn’t about Fedor, but what his managers were going to get,” he said. “Not once did they give a s#$% what Fedor was going to get. That’s why it fell apart. His manager is a f#$@#% liar. It was all about him and not about Fedor.”

    “Good luck to him, because I don’t want Fedor fighting in the UFC.”

  • Dana White on Randys Coutures contract, “I got Him”


  1. Do you think we shoud call him Datan, or Satana?

  2. this my seem like spare of the moment from looking at both PR events , but can we all admit dana is a slimey guttless wonder?

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