UFC Possibly Returning to the UK in February for UFC 95

Just as we finished recapping the results of UFC 89 “Bisping vs. Leben”, rumors hit that the UFC might be looking into returning to the UK for a February show, according the UK website MMABay.

Mmabay can EXCLUSIVELY reveal that the UFC are set to return to England in February 2009 for an event, likely to be UFC 95.

Following the event it was mentioned to a member of the Mmabay team by more than one source that the promotion intended to return in February, following the Superbowl card. As well as this it was revealed that London and O2 arena, where the UFC have made their UK home, would again be the venue.

The source mentioned a UFC light heavyweight contender fight between Anderson Silva and Chuck Liddell as the possible main event.


  1. Oswald Gobblecock says:

    This would be a dream fight for me! I hope they make it happen but I can't see Chuck beating Anderson.

  2. icemanrcks says:

    anything can happen anderson has said he would like to fight chuck. said it would be one of the best fights for him and truley test him.

  3. I love it when the UFC goes overseas that means the fights are usually free on tv

  4. bisping vs silva

  5. marquardt vs henderson

  6. kongo vs lesnar

  7. parisyan vs gsp

  8. Um there is a line to fight GSP right now and Karo is like 6th in line. if he continues to win. barring injury this one is prolly like 2010 fight

  9. Couple things about those fights bother me.

    Bisping vs Silva

    This fight may only last 1-2 minutes and even if it lasts 1 round (which would be a surprise) it would most likely be all Silva and Bisping most likely couldnt do anything to Silva. This in and out stick and move tactic Bisping uses woul completly go wrong for him against Anderson. NOT WORTH BUYING or filling a main event.

    Kongo vs Lesnar

    Wow that sounds like the most boring fight ive seen in a long time. Lesnar would dominate him. kongo has shown that he cant get back to his feet and lacks a good ground game. NO WAY could he stop Lesnar from taking the fight to the ground and keeping it there.

    Prisyan vs GSP

    Why would GSP fight Karo? Karo just got KO'd by Thiago who is the obvious next fight for GSP assuming he gets past Penn. And the fight with Thiago is very dangerous.

    Marquardt vs Hendo

    I like this fight a lot and IMO would make a clear #1 contender for the MW Div. But I wouldnt mind seeing Bisping fight either of them instead.

  10. dane drebin says:

    i agree with everything u said steve sept i dont think marquardt vs hendo would make a clear number one contender. nate lost to thales albiet a controversial loss. i think thales and bisping like it or not are farther up the totem poll at this point in time.

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