UFC on Versus 2 “Jones vs Matyushenko” Results LIVE

UFC on Versus 2 “Jon Jones vs Vladimir Matyushenko” live Aug. 1st from the San Diego sports arena in San Diego, CA.




  1. TartanTorpedo says:

    It's good to see more UFC (any MMA to be honest) events/cards on TV and this one wasn't bad at all.

    It'll never happen or at least for a long time but watching Jon Jones i cant help but wonder how good a fight with him and Anderson Silva would be, a dream match up in times to come hopefully.

    Although Griffin was clearly disappointed at being stopped (which i agreed with) a little bit more grace would have been nice, Gomi looked like he was chasing him around the ring to shake his hand.

  2. It was a joke at first that Cecil People's is the worst judge in MMA. He is always behind the worst decisions. But he strikes again and scores the Okami/Munoz fight for Mark Munoz. What fight was he watching? They need to ban People's.

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