UFC On HBO, No Deal

HBO UFC deal uncertain

After a year of BS negotiations the UFC and HBO end discussions of a possible partnership. The distribution deal would have allowed for UFC events to be broadcast on the top premium cable, HBO. Control of the production of the shows seemed to be the major disagreement between the two companies. Here is what Ross Greenburg, president of HBO told Newsday.com:

“After lots of discussion it became apparent that the business model doesn’t make sense for either one of us. So we agreed to go our separate ways,” said HBO Sports president Ross Greenburg in a statement. “You never know what the future holds. We have enormous respect and admiration for the executives we dealt with at the UFC. We wish them well.”

ProElite the parent company behind, EliteXC, KOTC, Cage Rage, ICON Sports and ShoXC, is the only promotion to have distribution on a premium cable channel, SHOWTIME.


  1. Mike Verucci says:

    Great. Instead of just adding HBO to my sat package it looks like 40 bucks a month (when it is worth it).

  2. It will happen. Dana is a sleasy lawyer at heart so he will find a way to make this happen, the HBO people are calling his bluff to get more of their terms met.

  3. Dana obviously wants more money from the deal then HBO was willing to offer, I agree with Realwun and think at least another network will pick it up if HBO does not…..Dana is a shrewd negotiagtor big corporations dont like that shit where they get nickeled and dimed….thats Dana's fortey.

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