UFC On FX 2: Thiago Alves Bloats Up 30 Pounds In 3 Hours

Thiago Alves diet guru Mike Dolce tweets this photo of the Pitbull weighing in three hours after the official weigh-ins. Nearly thirty pounds in three hours, good luck to Martian Kampmann who will face a light heavyweight Thiago Alves in their welterweight bout at UFC on FX 2 in Sydney, Australia.

What do you think? Should the UFC step in and do something about these fighters who cut dangerous amounts of weights before fights?


  1. Weighing in the day before makes no sense. The reason we have weight classes is so that people who are the same weight can fight. I understand that there are things that make it difficult, but I am very much in the favor of fighters weighing in just before fights. It is clearly much fairer. Instead of seeing two welterweights fighting tonight, we actually saw a light heavyweight fighting a middleweight.

    • theoklahomasooner says:

      Amen brother. It's going to take someone dying before they change the rules but it's not right.

      • People gonna die when fighting dehydratet. And they will be, at least occasionally.
        That's a definite no-go. You could have the weight-in the same day, but as you see: It just takes some guys 3 hours to bloat up again.

        • theoklahomasooner says:

          have weigh-ins the day before like always but have them weight in within 10 lbs of their scheduled weight just before entering the cage.

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