UFC Octagon Girl Natasha Wicks (Pics)

natasha wicks9

A little pick me up for those of you who were saddened by the firing of UFC girl Edith. Meet the new UFC ring girl Natasha Wicks.

natasha wicks

natasha wicks2

natasha wicks3

natasha wicks4

natasha wicks5

natasha wicks6

natasha wicks7

natasha wicks8


  1. patrick bateman says:

    anyone for taco salad

  2. I would do her…

    Amazing what a good haircut can do for a butter-face, huh?


  4. Edith LaBelle says:

    Slut! sshhheeezz not effen dat prittee (hiccup)…maybe sheez blonde, but does she has tits like theez? (belch) Can that bitch drink like me!? (hiccup…throw up)

  5. Oswald Gobblecock says:

    There's nothin butter about her face… funny thing is that most the guys talking about how unattractive she is couldn't pull anything close. lol

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