UFC News: Thales Leites Injured Hand, Off UFC 81

Thales Leites

The UFC has announced that Thales Leites was forced to withdraw from his fight with Nate Marquardt at UFC 81: Breaking Point due to a broken hand suffered in training.

A broken right hand suffered in training Monday has forced middleweight contender Thales Leites to withdraw from his UFC 81 bout against Nate Marquardt. Leites, winner of three in a row in the Octagon, will undergo surgery on the hand later this week.

A replacement for Leites has not yet been announced by the UFC.


  1. weak does this mean marquart wont be fighting or will they throw in a scrub to fight him or what…??? rich franklin vs. marquart…? i dont know but i definitly wanna see big nate throw down at UFC 81

  2. nate will still fight i think, that sucks i was really looking to watch this fight it wwould have been a good one..

  3. dane drebin says:

    sucks… he's lucky tho nate would have beaten him anyways now he can avoid a loss on his record

  4. whos he gonna fight now…?

  5. u know, it's interesting how almost all the UFC champions have been beaten once we merged with pride. hughes got dethroned. franklin got beat twice. and liddell also got knocked off.

  6. This sucks. I was looking foward to seeing this fight.

  7. dane drebin says:

    ya derek but hughes got beat by a ufc guy… and anderson silva, rampage, and hendo are the only pride guys makin pride look good… so far im not impressed wih the pride fighters over all but i think its jsut takin them time to transition to the cage and they took a lot of th ufc guys lightly

  8. yeah, i'm not sure the ufc former champs were beaten by pride guys. im just saying that once we merged and expanded, almost all of the ufc champs got dethroned. and sadly, mirko and that other brazilian fellow that i can't remember his name (but got beat by forrest) lost.

  9. I think the Pride Fighters are still top draw… but, I have been really surprised by how poorly they have faired in the Octagon.

    Fighters like Cro Cop, Big Big, Shogun, Ryo Chonan & Heath Herring have not looked very good.

    If someone had told me a year ago that Forest Griffin would beat up & Submit Shogun Rua' I would not have beleived it!

    I think there are a number things at play here…

    1. The Sport is becomming big business now and there is real money to be made. This is a huge incentive & it allows Fighters to train harder & with better coaches. I think the Level of MMA is getting better all the time and ultimatley the level within the UFC is better now than it was a few years ago when all the comparisons between Pride & UFC fighters were made.

    2. The Octagon is a different proposition to the Roped Ring… some fighters have made the transition with ease (Rampage/Silva) whilst, others have suffered (Cro Cop). Personally I would like Pride rules with an Octagon.

    3. I think also, some of the Pride Fighters are now past their very best (Cro Cop, Big Nog and Maybe Wanderlei Silva as well.

    4. Even though I really liked Pride – Watching some of the fights makes you realise maybe the toip names looked a lot better cos they were smashing tomato cans!! For example in a Busido event Shogan Rua' fought Gono, who now fights as a UFC welterweight!

    Onto, the Nate debate -They should bring in Bisping! Never mind the McCarthy fight!

    (I know this will never Happen)…. so how about..

    - Chris Leben

    - Travis Lutter

    - Ed Herman

  10. i don't know i think the pride guys are doing fine, do people expect them to go undefeated no one wins every fight. you got rampage champ anderson champ shogun lost his first fight but i think he will be back and do great in the lhw.silva lost his first fight to the ufc's best fighter(pre rampage) cro cop has lost but he lost in pride to and got knocked out in pride before and came back.big nog will be the h.w. champ soon.sounds like there doing good to me.If you think there going to be undefeated than your where hoping for to much but each one other than cro cop is at the top of there devisions.as more fights take place we will see how they do.

  11. DanP, I would have liked Leben and Lutter to be the replacements. But the replacement for Leites is going to be Jeremy Horn…he's going to be fighting Marquardt.

  12. leben or leutter would have been better but maybe they turned down the fight where horn is always willing to step in.

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