UFC News: Randy Couture Breaks His Arm At UFC 74

randy couture ufc 74

According to the fightnetwork, UFC Heavyweight Champion Randy “The Natural” Couture suffered a fracture on his left forearm during the fight with Gabriel Gonzaga at UFC 74. The small fracture is called a Nightstick Fracture, because their is no displacement in the bone, a cast will not be required. The doctors are telling Couture that the fracture will reattach itself in about one and a half weeks.

Randy Couture was informed Sunday by doctors that he’d broken his arm during his third round TKO stoppage of Gabriel Gonzaga. Couture sustained the injury Saturday blocking a Gonzaga right high kick with his left forearm, cleanly separating the ulna bone…. The injury placed the UFC heavyweight champion’s arm in a splint for six weeks. The appendage will not need a cast.”

“It’s not displaced, so the doctors think it will reattach in about a week and a half,” said Couture, who embarks on a South African adventure to shoot a leading role in major motion picture “The Scorpion King — The Akkadian”

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