UFC News: Matt Hughes Injuries Knee, Looking To Avoid Surgery

Matt Hughes injured

According to Matt Hughes personal website:

I found out my results, I’ve got a totally torn MCL that is still attached
to my femur. I’ve got a partially torn PCL. They really think that the PCL
will repair itself and that MCL has a chance of repairing itself. So we’re
going to hold off on surgery right now. I am going to get a second opinion
this week, so that might change; but for now we’re going to hold off on

Got more news to come this week, so there will be another blog entry the
middle of the week. -matt

Surgery or not, former UFC Welterweight champion Matt Hughes is looking at a long recovery for a knee injury he suffered fighting Thiago Alves at UFC 85. His hyped up fight with Matt Serra is not looking so good for 2008.


  1. do it then come back stronger

  2. Matt is one of my favorites, but I think it is time to bring in new talent thru his gym and train them to become a CHAMPION

  3. I was at the O2 and saw Matt Lose… he's where Royce Gracie was a few years back when Matt beat him – the Game has over taken his skill set… – it's time to bow out gracefully… I'd like to see him fight Matt Serra – but could his pride take getting beat – and thats a definate possibility

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