UFC News: Leonard Garcia Moving To WEC

leonard garcia

According to MMAWeekly, Leonard Garcia will be leaving the UFC lightweight division in favor of the WEC featherweight division.

Garcia is known for his heart filled battle against Rodger Huerta at UFC 69, in which he lost the unanimous decision. Garcia looked much smaller then Huerta at UFC 69, prompting Joe Rogan to mention on the broadcast, that the WEC featherweight division might be a better weight class for Garcia.

“Leonard (Garcia) is such a great fighter and a strong guy, but he walks around at like three pounds over weight,” Jackson is quoted by Martin as saying in regard to Garcia’s move. “He had to eat the morning of the weigh-ins the last time. We’ve got to bring him down a weight class where he’s going to be more effective.”


  1. Thats good cause Garcai is going to rock in WEC but the WEC featherweight is stacked with a lot of good guys.. i would say he is 3 or 4 best ranked in there right now..

  2. Yeah the guy is still developing and has a lot of heart. I think he'll do well in the WEC.

  3. He does have a ton of heart. I can't wait to see what he does in that division.

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