UFC News: Forrest Griffin Could Miss 2009 With Injury (Update)


According to the sun, former UFC light heavyweight champion Forrest Griffin could be sideline the majority of 2009 with a wrist injury he suffered during his title defense fight with Rashad Evans at UFC 92.

Griffin was originally set to be out of action until May but industry insiders told SunSport he will not be back inside the Octagon until Autumn at the earliest.

The Forrest Griffin vs Quinton Rampage Jackson rematch rumored for this summer will likely have to wait until the fall or possible even 2010.

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According to the information attained, Griffin had surgery on his hand — specifically one of his metacarpals — to repair the injury. He currently has a cast on, but expects to be healed in two to three months. The Georgia native is in good spirits following the surgery, and doesn’t plan on sitting out for any extended period of time.

With the surgery and recovery time, he expects a likely return to action summer. Until then, he will stay busy with other work, such as seminars and the like, although he is never one to stray too far from working out with teammates at Xtreme Couture in Las Vegas. – MMAWeekly


  1. No shit i emailed tCage Today and they put it right up.

    Anyways this sucks but i guess we will now see for sure Evans vs. Jackson.

  2. On second thought what chance do i have of them putting something up here that i emailed them..

  3. email them when ever you have info they don't yet, i try to when ever i can.this sucks for forrest i was looking forward to him rematching rampage and shogun, i guess that will have to wait, and this is great for the other lhw's especially wandy coming off a loss.

  4. Tim Thanks for the heads up, like roy said feel free to email us news or anything interesting related to MMA.

    I will give it a look and possibly put it up when I have time.

  5. Well wether it was me or them or someone else.. i tried when i first saw it….i agree this sucks but also opens doors for others and we will see Evans vs Jackson this year.

  6. No worries it was just the Griffin News…

  7. Thanks CagE.

  8. damn

  9. bummer, one of my favs was really looking forward to rematch with rampage

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