UFC News: Chris Leben Sentenced to 35 Days in Jail (Updated)

UFC middleweight fighter Chris Leben has been sentenced to 35 days in jail for violating his probation on an old DUI conviction. This news comes just a month before Leben is expected to take on Michael Bisping at UFC 85 “Back to Bedlam” on June 7, in London, England.

Leben is expected to be released on May 27, 2008, just 12 days before his fight in London, England. Leben, has been in jail since April 30th and will be given credit for jail time already served.

“The Crippler” turned himself in on April 30 to the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office in Portland, to avoid problems obtaining a visa for his fight.


It has been confirmed with UFC the Michael Bisping vs. Chris Leben match is off. Joe Silva had already had a back-up plan in case Leben wasn’t able to do the fight. UFC expected Leben to be released today. At this point we can’t confirm a replacement.

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The UFC has announced that Michael Bisping will now face Jason Day at UFC 85. Jason Day is coming off a TKO victory over Alan Belcher at UFC 83.


  1. I don't see how he's going to be able to make that fight. Too bad I was looking foward to it.

  2. He gets out 12 days before the fight, plenty of time.

    Also, Leben is the kind of guy who is ready to fight at a drop of a dime. He just better do some laps around the yard or his cardio will be his downfall.

  3. Its the UFC not the crippler who will decide what happens with this fight I hope it sitll happens but it doesn't look good.

  4. dane drebin says:

    damn its gunna be even funnier now when he knocks out bisping. who knows maybe he will be like mike tyson and train his ass off in prison and when he gets out knock his opponent out quick ahha wishful thinking this really sucks

  5. Realwun says:

    I just read that the fight is off and Leben won't be fighting Bisping. Thats really too bad.

  6. Sucks, Bisping vs. Leben would have been a great matchup.

  7. exactly why leben will never be champ, hes a screw up and he just cant beat it, once your set in your ways its hard to teach an old dog new tricks.

  8. hes not going to fight fck fuck fuck

  9. Yeah this sucks.

    I wonder if he could have fought Bisping and then come get busted when he flys back to the U.S.A..

    Better that way with fights being 3-6months for most fighters in the UFC. He could have KO'd the count and did a few months to celebrate yeah.

  10. Thats really bad news – I'm going to London for this… first Chuck gets injured now this…. what about Nate Quarry, Patrick Cote or Alan Belcher… Bisping need to fight a striker!!!

  11. that would have bean a great fight i think, there has been alot of changes to this card but so far they have been able to replace them with some good match ups, i hope they can pull one more out. DanP i think quarry would be another good replacement i hope they consider him.

  12. i'm sure if it was in the states leben could have waited till after the fight to serve his sentence. but they wouldn't let him out of the country with a warrant on his name.

  13. whodini says:

    Jason Day ? dont remember him hope he comes to fight

  14. Jason Day… WTF… thats a big disapointment… Leben is a big name and Day has only one fight in the UFC. I hope he stands & strikes with Bisping…

    I don't blame Bisping… but I was hoping the UFC would trade like for like and give Bisping a stand up guy with heavy hands to test him… like a Nate Quarry or Patrick Cote!!!

    Day must be half decent to beat Belcher in the 1st round… I guess we'll see

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