UFC News: Brandon Vera’s Back

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Brandon Vera is back! The UFC has announced that Vera could return as early as October. I guess the one million dollar question is, how good is he in this new heavyweight division? Vera is not a true heavyweight, can he take on the likes of Cro Cop, Randy Couture, Gabriel Gonzaga and Tim Silva.

Brandon “The Truth” Vera, who, after a prolonged absence due to managerial issues, will finally return to the Ultimate Fighting Championship® (UFC®) organization to put his perfect record on the line as he resumes his chase for the World Heavyweight Championship. Dana White, UFC President, who was pleased to make the announcement of Vera’s return today, expects the Californian to be back in action as soon as October of this year.


  1. Rumors are that Vera is going to fight Tim Silvia.

  2. Rather see him fight Arlovski than Silvia

  3. I think hes coming back to Silvia because he was suppost to fight Silvia for the title, but his agent screwed that up, the shot went to Couture who won the title. This is the fight we were suppost to see a year ago.

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