UFC Interview: Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou Talks UFC 79

New MMA Term: “Jungle Kung Fu”

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  1. Pretty good interview. I think he's going to destroy Machida cuz Machida isn't a finisher. This guy is.

  2. I have not watched this video yet but i know Machida is going to lose.. Machida has not showed me nothing when he fight.. he throw cool stuff but he is a pussy because he is so scared to get hit and when he hurts the guy he just stays away and does nothing.. i hope Machida get knocked the fuck out

  3. I think Machida is going to lose because he doesnt have the hunger and agression it would take to beat Soku. I think the guy is talented but your right, he needs to get his ass beat before he wakes the f up.

  4. I think Sokoudjou is going to win, but Machida is no "pussy." You may not like his style, but he's a talented guy who hold wins over decent named opponents. I don't particularly like watching fights that always go to the judges, but come on now….."pussy"??? I think not. However, I do think Tom will get his wish. I think he's going to get knocked out. I wouldn't mind seeing that myself. :D

  5. I've studied Shotokan just like Machida. He has great technique but the tournaments you fight in is for that is one hit and stop. He needs to transition into an animal to beat Soku. I hope its a good fight. I went from that to MMA and it was a totally different world and I loved it. Both of these guys are bad so I hope its a war, thats what I'm paying for.

  6. Yeah, if you're talking point fighting, it is a lot different. The guy does have talent, and it's impressive how much Karate he actually utilizes in the cage. IMO.

  7. Exactly, point fighting. You've probably been to some of those tournaments. I love the phiosophy and discipline of karate, but MMA is so much more practical. I trained with a former Army Ranger and he introduced me to the importance of ground fighting. Until then I was pure striking.

    One things for certain Joe, we'll find out a lot about these two guys in that UFC. We'll see which one of these guys can back up their hype. Like I said b4, I just want a good fight and I'm expecting that too.

  8. Well said. At this point, all I wish for anymore is a good fight.

  9. i dont like machida he is boring and not as good as his record seems…. when soko disposses of machida i cant wait for an eventual soko vs rampage matchup

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