UFC Gives The Boot And Releases More TUF 6 Cast Members

tuf 6

Over at ProElite.com, Sam Caplan put together a list of The Ultimate Fighter season 6 fighters recently dropped by the UFC.

Making the list:

Richie Hightower
John Kolosci
Dorian Price
Paul Georgieff
Dan Barrera
Billy Miles
Blake Bowman

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  1. not really any big loses there

  2. I don't think anyone remembers any names from this show, it was not good. Hey I've got an Idea, maybe they can take Serra with them.

  3. haha…what about the winner, Mac Danzing…hes dropping to 155, you think he'll make it in the UFC/MMA?

  4. I think Danzig will do okay. He has a lot of experience already. I'd like to see how he stacks up with the current top 5 or so.

    I don't care about any of the guys they dropped. It's not a surprise.

  5. what happened to TUF?!?!? the first two seasons were stacked with talent and great fighters but the last 4 have just been mediocre at best…i hope this upcoming season has had more screening of the fighters before it starts

  6. and Joe, if we really want to put him up a proven lightweight, i say we throw him in there with kenny florian and see how he fares

  7. The next TUF isn't LHW, they are going to have Middleweights. I think Danzig is pretty damn good so I want to see how well he matches up against the other top Lightweights. Yeah, the UFC needs to have more pride in who they let on the show. They think we are all dumbasses who will watch Bowmans who have no experience. There are other fighters training their asses off and would kill for the opportunity. They wouldn't run home like pussies to see if their girlfriend is cheating on them.

  8. we’ll be getting light heavyweights…. which will be more entertaining… in the next TUF

  9. i guess…thats only if they get actual talented fighters…im really looking forward to seeing jackson and griffin coach but not if they have horrible fighters like the last few seasons…i tihnk they rush these past few TUF to try and hype the fight of the coaches…step it up Dana, i expect better

  10. Joe: I 100% think florian would get the win but I would like to see how Danzing did against him just to size him up…we really haven't seen him fight much outside of TUF and he was fighting scrubs. And Morey, if its middleweights then why are Quinton Jackson and Forrest Griffin coaching? I hope, whatever the weight class, this upcoming season has better fighters and restores meaning to the show and the winner

  11. Brandon: I think I’d put my money on Florian in that fight right now, but it wouldn’t surprise me if Danzig did well.

    Morey’s right, I’m getting a little tired of watching these guys act like vagina’s after they get on the show.

  12. Florian is fighting Joe Louzon next and that should be good. I think Florian is well rounded now and can pull off the victory.

  13. im with kom34 on this one..

  14. Patrick89 says:

    Florian and Lauzon would be a badass fight to headline a fightnight. I like them both quite a bit so I can't pick sides, Florian has faced the tougher competition, but Lauzon comes in with great gameplans. I hope it turns out to be a war so they both look good coming out of it no matter who wins. I also agree that TUF 6 sucked bad! I have to admit though I didn't think that the finals between Danzig and Spears would be so one sided, it was a little suprising.

  15. I think Kenflo is going to take that fight. But it will be a war because both are tough and both are smart fighters. I don't know how well Danzig would be against a top fighter, guess we'll have to wait and see.

  16. Patrick89 says:

    I'm not sure if Danzig would win against any of the top tier opponents in the division, but he is a mature fighter with international experience so I think he could matchup well with almost anybody in the division.

  17. and cory hill? he didnt even have a fight before then he got in the ring and danced around like he was rasheed evans or something that fight really sucked so does he

  18. yeah danzig seems pretty tough i think he will do fine,i don't see him holding the belt though.and the joe and ken flo fight should be good, ken already proven himself to be tough and joe trains with the penn so will see how good he is.

  19. I heard the nest TUF is MW. They need most attention to that division anyway. I think they picked Forrest and Rampage because the TUF series has lost some ratings and those are the best guys to bring it up.

  20. dane drebin says:

    the only fighter on that list i was sad to see go was dan barrera… the only person he got to fight was ben saunders and against a bad matchup he did really well both times i think they shoul have given him a chance against someone else… but he is really inexperienced i think we wil see him back one day after he notches some wins in a smaller organization

  21. dan looked pretty tough i could see him back in the future.

  22. dane drebin says:

    i hope so

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