UFC Founder Bob Meyrowitz Explains The YAMMA PIT

UFC co-founder Bob Meyrowitz gives us a look the the YAMMA PIT FIGHTING cage and the theory behind its design.

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  1. could be cool i think it sounds pretty tight because of the touraments

  2. i will watch anthing mma, there could be some good fights in there.

  3. Um I hate to break the news to Merowitz but his idea has been done before. It is called the World Combat League. They have the exact same concept just without the walls. The canvas rises at the outer edges.

  4. Holy crap! The Smashing Machine is still fighting? I guess he has been in smaller time orgs since his last Pride in 04. Wonder if he has been training in Pain Killers with Ricco.

  5. Sounds like a good concept. It looks to me like that incline would be an easy way to roll an ankle or hurt a knee, but I wouldn't know. I have seen that in baseball where they incline the field at certain parts to make it more challenging.

  6. Realwun says:

    Sounds crazy enough to work, I might even buy the PPV if there's nothing else on.

  7. This has been done before by the WCL – but it will be interesting to see this fighting surface with Takedowns and ground fighting (unlike WCL)

    Ultimatley I think this is a brilliant Idea – the UFC octagon should adopt these sloped sides into the octagon – to seep things up!

  8. Joe G. Trenton NJ says:

    Bob Meyrowitz should be respected by all of MMA.

    But, there is a guy who was the true, FIRST pioneer of MMA and he has rarely, if ever been mentioned.


    Banks promoted the "ORIENTAL WORLD OF SELF-DEFENSE" in the 70's where Martial Artists of various discplines would fight each other in a boxing ring.

    He promoted many events at MSG.

    While Meyrowitz did a great thing with the UFC and ZUFFA has taken the sport mainstream, I believe that had Banks had the same resources as say, ZUFFA he could have done it just as well.

    MMA fans and fighters should research these things and would see Banks did a pretty good job of matching up fighters from different styles to see who would come out on top.

  9. im a g

  10. John Jacobs Trenton says:

    I was wondering if the UFC would allow me to "come and go" as I please at it's events. Just like Chuck Zito.

    Dana, can you put me on the "comp" list for the August 8th show in Philly?

    Heck…it's only fair, right?

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