UFC Fight Night (UFN) 13 Officially Announced

UFN 13 Announced

UFC.com has officially announced UFC Fight Night (UFN) 13 to be held April 2 in Broomfield, Colorado, a suburb of Denver.

Ultimate Fighting Championships returns to its roots as it returns to Colorado for the first time since holding its first two events, UFC 1 and UFC 2 in Denver.

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  1. Can't wait for UFC to organize more fights locally than the major pay per view events. Then it is really going to gain speed in popularity.

  2. Wow…really impressed with this card…like really impreessed! When was the last time we saw three extremely good fights on any paper view…? The winner of the main event will fight for the belt after Sherk/ Penn. And the winner of Karo/ Thiago I think will be next in line for a shot at the WW belt after GSP/Serra. And the Bonnar/Hamil fight should be great (hamil should still be undefeated, he got robbed by bisping)

  3. dane drebin says:

    fitch is next in line after gsp/serra i think

  4. that is if fitch wins in his next fight…which i think he will. But they still haven't named whose rplacing gono…they should give him a better fighter to fight than gono

  5. im pissed, i was living in colorado for like six months, and i just moved back to south jersey, if i knew they were going to put on this fight with this card, i would have stayed…..kenny florian, stephan bonnar, and karo r like my 3 fav fighters……………..damit

  6. kenny is going to lose and karo is going to win and stephan has a hard fight but i think he is going to win…the UFN r looking great this year

  7. maybe the winner out of karo and alves will fight fitch then the winner out of that fights GSP..

  8. dane drebin says:

    nope karo wont take the fight with fitch thats why they gave him alves

  9. its a good card and alves won't be an easy fight for karo,form what i heard on other sites karo is next in line for a title shot if he wins and than fitch,so if karo loses it will be fitch.i think the ken joe fight is a hard one to call but i will go with ken and i think bonnar will win in a tough fight.

  10. I think Fitch was gearing up to be next in line with his string of victories but that all depends on if they can find a quality replacement. I think Gono getting injured messes up his chances a little and being that Karo is taking on a pretty tough opponent, I think he could get the nod if he looks good.

    I think Florian is going to win a hard fought fight but Lauzon is going to bring it. I think Bonners experience could counter Hamills strength, and he puts more behind his punches that Bisping.

  11. Its too bad they can't get Marcus Davis in as a replacement to fight Fitch. I think its too soon for him to prepare even though he didn't get any injuries from last nights fight. I don't know who they can get on this short notice that will be tough.

  12. theres no one worth fitch fighting…the UFC is gonna throw a scrub at him…I wish theyd give Deigo a real important instead of Roan…hes good but the UFC is giving what they think is an easy fight to Diego because they cant let him lose 3 times in a row

  13. Win predictions:




  14. Patrick89 says:

    Just droppin in. Good comments, looks like we're all on the same page here.

  15. i agree with joe

  16. I think Bonnar will win but i wouldn't be surpirsed if Hamill pulls of the upset…other than i agree with Joe

  17. just want to say that all you franklin fans and all you matt hughes fans that both of yall need to look at anderson silva and realize what a real fighter looks like both hughes and franklin suck real bad compaired to silva the real " ultimate fighter " who is not stuck in one way to win a fight not just in it for a paycheck like the punks franklin amd hughes

  18. whodini will see what happens when he fights henderson,if he wins that fight he is #1 pound for pound.

  19. uhhh if lauzon wins he wont be in the title shot after the sherk/penn fight is he? Hes only got 3 wins in the UFC before this, but wow if he does get a title shot against Penn, that would be rediculous cause penn was his coach in ultimate fighter 5 and his trainer currently.

  20. i would love for jauzon to win

  21. lauzon*

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