UFC Fight Night Results LIVE

Ultimate Fight Night 11

Wednesday, September 19 at 9 p.m. EST
The Palms Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada
Spike TV

Main Card

Din Thomas (20-6) vs. Kenny Florian (6-3)

Chris Leben (16-4) vs. Terry Martin (16-2)

Nate Diaz (6-2) vs. Junior Assuncao (5-2)

  • Nate Diaz defeats Junior Assuncao by Submission (Guillotine) at 4:10 of the first round.

Nate Quarry (8-2) vs. Pete Sell (7-3)

Under Card

Thiago Alves (11-3) vs. Kuniyoshi Hironaka (11-3)

Dustin Hazelett (9-3) vs. Jonathan Goulet (19-8)

Leonard Garcia (10-2) vs. Cole Miller (12-2)

Luke Cummo (5-4) vs. Edilberto “Crocota” de Oliveira (8-1-1)

  • Luke Cummo defeats Edilberto de Oliveira by TKO (Strikes) at 1:45 of the first round.

Gray Maynard (2-0) vs. Joe Veres (4-1)


  1. Cant wait for the Diaz fight he looked good on TUF!

  2. Florian looked really good, hope Din's knee is ok. That is one thing that is easily career ending…a blown out knee. The cartillage and tendons in our knee are so complex that tearing them makes them never function the same way again. So hopefully its not that bad and he can make a recovery.

  3. I thought the Leben knockout was funny because he looked like the drunk guy at the bar falling foward throwing punches. I'm glad he pulled it off because i think he would have lost the decision.

  4. Any chance the Luke Cummo fight and the Gray Maynard fight are going to get posted?

  5. The Quarry/sell fight sucked to me! It just shows that Quarry can take a beating. Sell should have changed his game plan after he landed the 15th blow to Quarry's head.

    Doesn't Sell train with Serra? He should have a nice well rounded game you would think. Take Quarry down and submit him if you can't knock him out. Don't keep standing because you're going to get caught eventually.

    I would say that should be the last we see of DRAGO in the UFC.

  6. Yeah, I like both Sell and Quarry, I'm glad Quarry came back from being posterized and from spinal surgery. At the same time, Pete Sell got lazy, and we all know he has a button that can be pressed at any time, then its lights out. I felt bad for Sell because he dominated the fight and then let his chin stop him…again. I think we'll see him again just because Serra is in good with Dana and Sell is on TUF 6 as a coach.

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