UFC Fight Night 24 “Nogueira vs Davis” Results

UFC Fight Night 24 — Live March 26th from the KeyArena in Seattle, Washington.

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  1. Anyone else think that the wrestlers made this one really boring?

  2. The second 2 fights were definitely slower, but I definitely wasn't bored at any point through the card. I'd never even heard of the twister submission, so awesome job by the zombie. Amir always puts on a good fight, and I think DeMarques was a victim of his own cardio.

  3. not at all. i thought this was a pretty good event but im not one of those people who hate on wrestling cuz it works. the main event was slow but i hate the noguera’s so i didnt mind.

  4. Its just me then. I wasn’t too impressed with the last two fights. The twister was great. I wonder what other submissions are out there that we’ve never seen before.

  5. Joe Rogan is a brown belt, who trains with Eddie Bravo, I believe.

  6. you have got to appreciate the fact that rogan knew what it was and goldberg was just watching not having a clue what was going on just like us. i always wonder what exactly that guy brings to the table other than “here we go” and “he got rocked”. Does anybody know whats going on with Jake Rossen, he used to write great columns after all the ufc events and now it seems hes disappeared.

  7. Goldberg is ten times better than he was a few years ago. Back then he got the job because he had a good voice. I'm actually surprised to see him have something intelligent to say in fights now. He's learned a lot. Way better than most MMA announcers.

  8. agreed joel, strikeforce is painful to listen too

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