UFC Fight Night 21 “Florian vs Gomi” Results

UFC Fight Night 21 invades Charlotte, North Carolina Wednesday March 31st. Headlining the card is a lightweight battle between Kenny Florian and Takanori Gomi. Also TUF 10 winner Roy “Big Country” Nelson takes on Stephan Struve in a heavyweight battle.

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  1. I was pretty surprised how fast Big country destroyed Struve, he jus came out swingin for the fences

  2. Oh yea….. I never seen gomi fight but he was pretty over matched tonight, these Japanese dudes need to step their game up if they gonna be successful in the ufc

  3. That was ugly (Struve KO), I'm a little bit embarassed for touting Struve so highly and as it turns out I just lost a large pizza from Joe's in the West Village to a co-worker who thought I was off my nut betting on the "Skyscraper"

  4. Struve definitely disappointed. He needs to eat some of those Frank Mir Wheaties and someday he might be a viable heavyweight.

  5. in what I've seen of struve he buckles to a clean punch, but he recovers pretty well. big country, i've never seen him get flashed by anyone. it went like i thought but i thought big country would pound struve out. i guess i underestimated his power to take a guy out on the feet.

  6. gomi looked outclassed. it looked like there were facets of the game that he hasn't really been exposed to. he's got to branch out and learn the complete game if he's going to compete in the ufc. i bet he's never even thrown a knee or elbow before.

  7. TartanTorpedo says:

    At only 25 years old Pearson looks to have a bright future if he can keep improving with every fight.

    Disappointing he didn't finish the fight but his movement and technical stand up game you very polished already.

    Some very good British fighters finally making waves in the UFC.

  8. take it easy on struve he is young 22 when he's 28 he will be a killer

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