UFC Fight Night 20 “Maynard vs Diaz” Results

Results for UFC Fight Night 20 “Maynard vs Diaz” on Jan. 11th from the Patriot Center in Fairfax, Va.

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Event Notes

  • Simpson and Lawlor took home $30,000 for “Fight of the Night”
  • Evan Dunham earned $30,000 for “Submission of the Night”
  • Gerald Harris earned $30,000 for “Knockout of the Night”


  1. Maynard whooped Nates ass .

  2. ha! ha! Nate go pounded!!!!

  3. Nate did indeed get pounded and I loved every minute of it. The Lawlor/Simpson fight really could have gone either way. Lawlor should have finished him when he had the chance. Did anyone else notice that it took 50 minutes just to get the 1st fight out of the way. I hate commercials…

  4. Gray landed bigger shots but Diaz landed more shots. that fight was terrible. One day the Diaz brothers may realize they are never going to get the nod from the judges until they stop running their fucking mouths all the time. If maynard wants a shot at BJ he is going to have to bring more than what he showed tonight or hes gonna be in big trouble.

  5. richaaron says:

    I can't see Maynard lasting more than 3 rounds with BJ. BJ is at his peak. As a matter of fact, I really can't see anyone else in the division right now that would be a threat to Penn.

  6. nate wooped grey ass thats was fucking bullshit..grey looked way more fucked up..nate never got hit with a clean shot and nate scored million more times then grey, i love them both but grey last that fight last night

  7. yup B J would rip his head off then shit down his neck

  8. PoppyNick says:

    Tom, which fight did you watch? Pawing at your opponent doesn't count as points. Gray won, not impressivly but he won.

  9. JUST THE TRUTH says:


  10. JUST THE TRUTH says:


  11. daiz landed a head kick after a 4 hit combo it was beautiful..Grey was getting tagged a lot andby great combo..nate throw great combos like to the head then back to the body then throw some kicks and then grey would maybe hit him onces and Grey never hit diaz clean..

    i saw 29-28 diaz

  12. Tom: Usually I think maynard is a lay n pray rabbit punching snore. I also think Nate is just a punk ass kid with amazing BJJ but not much else to look at.

    I can tell you with an unbiased tone:

    Last night Maynard brought it. He's improved much and diaz is his same old style that isnt getting himself too far in the DIV.

    just because Nate landed a few combos and pawed relentlessly, it wasn't even close the first two rounds.

    Maynard tooled him until round three.

  13. nate faces looks fine,grey looks busted..nate landed 77percent strikes and grey land 43percent..thats the stacie

  14. You can't judge the outcome of the fight based on the damage to the face.

  15. Really? we're going to base who won a fight on how they looked? This isnt Pride Judging, this is the 10 point must system. Where did you come up with those percentages?

    If you can provide a link from a REPUTABLE source stating those percentages I'll think Maynard was Robbed too.

  16. well put Miko

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