UFC Fight Night 19 Nate Diez vs Melvin Guillard Results LIVE

melvin guillard nate diaz

UFC Fight Night 19 “Diaz vs Guillard” – LIVE on Spike TV from the COX Convention Center in Oklahoma City, OK.

Cagetoday.com will have live results starting at 6pm EST. SpikeTV will broadcast the main card at 8pm EST. The Ultimate Fighter season 10 debuts tonight on Spike TV following the UFN 19 event.



Nate Diaz vs Melvin Guillard Video
Gray Maynard vs. Roger Huerta Video


  1. Condit has the heart of a champion to take those crazy shots and come back. I saw him do it in WEC too. You have to really put a guy like that away to beat him. Ellenberger had a good gameplan and probably would have won if he didn't gas.

  2. Good show so far. Creduer-Quarry was great too.

  3. wow Nate was impressive again … Melvin got sloppy again

  4. I just want to say that I like Rampage and how he fights. But I was there on the first day when Rashad started training with Jackson and he is not conceited or cocky in the least. Rashad and Jardine are some of the most down to earth guy's i've ever met. Don't believe Ramp when he says Rashad is conceited.

  5. rashad is the cockiest person alive and hes goin get his ass whooped bad by rampage

  6. dane drebin says:

    was i the only one who was suprised at huerta losing every round on two of the judges scorecards? i mean i think u could make a case for either fighter winning but i dont think huerta lost every round especially round 1 he was T-ing off on maynard.

  7. I don't think Huerta lost all three and he got some timing on round 2. Like the announcer's said, you've got to put punches in bunches to beat Maynard. It was a good fight Maynard was just faster in that fight. That was probably the best Fight Night I've seen though.

  8. Haha Shawn. Go ahead and put your money on Rampage. Its going to be a while, while Rampage has about 20 "I pitty the fools" in his A-Team role. But I'll take you're money on that.

  9. Oswald Gobblecock says:

    Those judges were retarded cause there's no way Huerta lost the 1st round! Blows my mind.

  10. lol great fight night was impressed with ellenbergers performance in the 1st round after that nice comeback by condit. TUF was hilarious with rampage but the first fight was so fucking boring.

  11. A lot of great fights on this card. Creduer looked a lot better than I thought. Did anyone else see how fucked up Huerta's shoulder looked during that kimora? Yeah, I am still gonna say that Rashad will win. I'm pretty confident in his team selection too. I love how Rampage talked shit about Rashad's knockout when Rampage has been knocked out more and has lost more fights.

  12. great fights..melvin was doing great then he got to cocky and it cost him..

    nate vs tim was great and hope to see nate fight again soon..

    fuck cantwell and brock lost no no damn..

  13. I want to see Melvin vs Fisher

  14. Brain Stan looked so much better in his match with Cantwell…I love how the fighter are starting to talk shit in the middle of the fight..Its funny

  15. well i guess we'll find out then wont we

  16. i was impressed with melvin, he survived the ground a few times before messing up, he really could have won that fight. i knew jake was tough and gray didn't just lay and pray it was a good fight.

  17. i had Roger ahead in one also….. also Melvin got tired i believe … too much muscle …nobody likes Rasheed either

  18. and how about that gash on that dudes head huh ?

  19. In no way did Huerta look bad but I thought Maynard won. He got really good on his feet since TUF. I can't wait to see how he looks against BJ Penn.

    Condit impressed me the most. He got rocked and knew how to survive. He never gave up and was pushing the pace till the last minute.

    Who won fight of the night? I would have given it to Condit and Ellenberger.

  20. dane drebin says:

    im so stoked for saturdays fight it has some pretty big shoes to fill after that fight night

  21. I am a great Roger fan but he looked like a fighter on his last contract bout that didn't want to scar up his acting face. No fire in his game

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