UFC Fight Night 16 “UFC Fights For The Troops” Results

UFC Fight Night 16: “Fight for the Troops”
When: December 10, 2008
Where: Crown Coliseum in Fayetteville, NC.

The main card will begin at 8 p.m. ET on Spike TV.




  1. OH SWEET crusty the clown gets another big win, what a tool !!!

  2. I can believe at one time I thought Goulet was going to be a great fighter. He has been shitty in his last few fights in the UFC. Thanks for the updates. I only got to see the Miller-Wiman fight before class.

  3. Koscheck needs to shave his friggin' head already…

  4. dane drebin says:

    who cares about kos' hair this is mma not beauty school

    it makes him stand out and helps people recognize him with is important when trying to get big fights

    he's a badass and dominates fights i could care less what he looks like

  5. Now about the arguement where u would rather see a submission then a knockout or what was it get a submission instead of getting a knockout. Tell me the last time u seen a crowd and a fighter get that pumped up after a submission win. Knockouts r where it is at. Koscheck keeps hitting ppl like that I just mightstart rooting for him.

  6. Oh yeah about Goulet he has a glass chin, Anything that connects will crack it. He has been dropped in about every fight he has stood up and swung in. It is no surprise to me and I actually called it when I saw the fight being introduced. I told my buddy Goulet is gonna get clipped in like 30 seconds and it will be over. But I can almost guarnatee anybody else that has seen him fight before thought no different.

  7. I liked this better than UFC 89 almost every fight was exciting in this one.

  8. Does anyone know if yoshida is ok ? I heard he left in an ambulance. Also this really was an incredible card. one broken arm, a broken rib an alien growth on a forehead this was the most violent card I think that I have ever seen.

  9. that was a pretty disgusting knockout by Koscheck. It sucks tthat he is so good. I really want to hate him, but he keeps kicking ass.

  10. Ryan I felt the same way till this fight you have to admire a guy that people are trying to make go away> but he just wont.

  11. Holy crap! There were some pretty friggin' brutal fights last night. Just saw this on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mlmkbmb7IVU

  12. i watched that vid on youtube. ouch. great night of fights. i'm not sure about yoshida, he was down for a while. i hope he's ok.

  13. i am be coming a Josh KOS fan ha..that was a beautiful knock out

  14. Thank god Quick swick is back..i would love to see him fight alves and we who the best welter weight striker is..

    Ben had a great knock out..

  15. cantwell is a badass..i love how he boke the guys arm ha..his stand up looked great.. in 2 or 3 years cantwell will be be a ufc champ..he is olny just turned 22 and he was a WEC champ and his stand up looks great and his ground game is also there..

  16. Thiago Alves would KO Swick and so would koscheck. Swick beat a poor chinned fighter who is very easy to knockout.

  17. Yea good point steve but still i dont think Koscheck would kill swick at all..

    whats is going to happend to TOE 2 TOE gym..if thats the gym the tain out of called..

    they have FITCH, KOSCHECK AND SWICK they are all pretty much in line after alves so i would like to say they all will be fighting each other soon

  18. Koscheck vs. Alves 2, with proper training on kos's side a rematch may turn into an epic. Now if you have seen the Goulet vs. Ludwig fight you would know he has a glass jaw, that fight was one shot one kill. And finally if you think sub's are boring you must have been playin with yourself while Cantwell was snappping dudes arm in half. just my 2 or 3 cents.

  19. http://rearnaked.blogspot.com/2008/12/his-legs-cr
    check it out its coreys legs…he broke it in half and it ser fucking gross

    corey hill i wish the best for you man and i hope to see you fighting soon

  20. Congrats to Kos…he needed this victory.

  21. I agree with Steve, I don't think that was really a good test for Swick. I think Swick is good, but not good enough to beat Alves.

  22. anyone notice in the pic that dana is looking at Kos like he's thinking, "Lose this fight asshole, and you're gone!"

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