UFC Counter Programing EliteXC-CBS, To Air UFC 84 For Free on July 26

The UFC has announced its next move to neutralize another one of its competitors, UFC 84 “Ill Will” which featured BJ Penn defeating Sean Sherk will air July 26 at 9 PM EST on SpikeTV. Also, SpikeTV will air a full day of Mixed Martial Arts programing which will also include the re-airing of UFC Fight Night 14 “Silva vs. Irvin”.

This is not the first time the UFC has stubbed EliteXC and CBS, during the debut show EliteXC “Primetime” the UFC ran a new documentary on Chuck Liddell dubbed “Ultimate Iceman”.

EliteXC Unfinished Business” takes place on July 26 from the Stockton Arena in Stockton, CA.


  1. i love it

  2. its great what a little compition does, more mma for us,but its going to take more than a rerun to get me to not watch elite, but it will be great for the long comercials.

  3. Dana wants everyone to know his pee pee id the biggest

  4. Scooby Doo says:

    If The UFC is the big dog in the mma world? why? do try to go and take out the comp (PRIDE dismantaled ). U say u don't care or fear these other org. ,but u do things like this. U have nothing to fear,but fear itself D. White. They're just can't be one org. all fighters won't like being paid just a set salary (Couture, T. Sylvia, AA The pit bull). While in other sports(boxing) the fighters can make millions for fighting in one bout ,hopefully in a new org. you might be able to make more than in the ufc?oohhooh. U can't control that Mr. white. big pee pee or not.

  5. Dana just wants to be #1 in MMA. He is trying to keep these orgs from getting to the level of the UFC. Yeah, a rerun isn't really much of an incentive to not watch Elite.

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