UFC Confirmed: Frank Mir vs Cain Velasquez

Lorenzo Fertitta has been subbing in for Dana White in announcing fights on twitter as of late. The UFC co-owner when asked what’s next for Frank Mir, simply replied Cain.

While the fight, date and venue have yet to be made official. You can bet that well be seeing these two guys touch gloves inside the Octagon sometime this year.

Former UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez is coming off a major career disappointment, when he lost his first title defense to Junior Dos Santos last November on FOX.


  1. Standing up, Mir will have to keep his distance. He'll also want to maintain both his cardio and strength. On the ground I'm sure he has the edge but I'm worried about his standup. One can only hope.

  2. Cain is going to destroy Mir, don’t get Mr wrong Mir is a good fighter but be dosent go the tools to fight Cain, plus Mir can’t take a punch we all see what happen in his last fight with big Nog, he almost got finish on my view he got really lucky to get the submission. But anything can happent Mir still a dangerous guy on the bottom submission. Can happen any time but I just see velasquez knocking Mir out in the diary round

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