UFC Breaking News: Sherk Ruling Upheld, But Reduced

sean sherk steroid conviction

Sean Sherk positive test for steroids was upheld by the CASC, but his suspension was reduced to 6 months and a $2500 fine.

BJ Penn will take on Joe Stevenson January 19 at UFC 80 at the Metro Radio Arena in Newcastle, England. According to UFC president Dana White, the winner will likely fight Sean Sherk in spring 2008.


  1. haha…I like Sherks new tat…he must have just gotten that today. Nice work.

  2. lol I didnt know what you were talking about. Thats pretty funny. Its funny cuz its true.

  3. Next time put up a pic with a syring in his arm.

  4. LOL…Glad you pointed that out. I didn't see it either.

  5. Good stuff. Yeah, he's tarnished for sure now. I think he should be knocked out of contention and have to work his way up. If not, then why shouldnt everyone take roids and cycle off. Its worth it because if you happen to get caught the worst that can happen is a small fine and suspension. The UFC doesnt seem to want to punish cheaters. But they'll kick you out for life if you fight on TUF.

  6. Steroid freak!

  7. Sherk needs an * next to his record!

  8. No shit, he does need an * and I know that all of his hype surrounding that "All Access" he had is down the drain for me. I hate cheaters more than anything.

  9. Sherk should have to fight the loser of the Penn/Stevenson match. For him to get a suspension and then return for a title fight right away is stupid. Dana plays favorite too much. He needs to respect the sport enough to give other guys a shot who deserve it more.

  10. Does anyone think that Penn will hold true to his promise that he won't fight Sherk for the title after he is found guilty? If Penn wins then does that mean he will refuse a fight against Sherk?

  11. now that his suspension is over does that mean penn and stevenson arent fighting for the interim belt anymore? or is it jsut the number one contender spot if thats true thats bull shit… sherk is a punk bitch hes boring and i hate him im glad bj stayed at his rightfukll weight his reign is about to begin

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