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UFC 99 “The Comeback” live from the Lanxess Arena in Cologne, Germany. Headlining the card is a 195lb catch weight battle between former UFC middleweight champion Rich “Ace” Franklin and former PRIDE head hunter Wanderlei Silva.

The preliminary card results should start flowing around 12:30pm EST.

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  1. Franklin






  2. Franklin





    Cro Cop

  3. Franklin





    Cro Cop

  4. Damn, some of these are tough to call.







  5. other derek says:





    cro cop


  6. yeah CROCOP did it! i had my doubts, by he got the job done with the genius eye poke + striking combination. by poking your opponent in the eye, it makes it harder to see where your strikes are coming

    looks like crocop has sent the taliban commander packing

  7. Bad decision IMO. Wanderlei should have got the decision.

  8. Cro Cop looked good, the eye poke was not a factor.

    Wanderlei is a warrior, you just can't take that many head shots and win a decision.

    Etim needs to get put on the main card, this guys has proven himself time after time. Won Submission of the night with a sick darse choke.

  9. I agree Steve… it was close but I would have given it to wandi… Franklin should at least have the humility to accecpt it was very very close.. maybe then he'd sop bitchin about losing to Hendo!

  10. Nate Fury says:

    I would have given to Wandy as well, but the UFC wanted Wandy to finish this fight, to set up a fight with Anderson. I'm pretty sure the judges are influenced on who to pick if it is a close fight. Cain did beat Kongo, but could not finish the fight. He also raises the question about how he would recover if he were rocked by someone like Carwin or Lesnar. Cro Cop wins with a intentional eye poke and he proved nothing in this fight.

  11. So if Wandy should have won, by the same argument do you think Marcus Davis should have gotten the nod.

    I did not like hearing the crowd boo Fisher and Uno that was a great chess match. Give the king his title shot.

  12. other derek says:

    it was close but still slight edge to franklin he landed way way more shots and controlled the fight for sure

  13. fedor24 says:

    I had wandi winning 2 rounds. It could have went either way but wandi was pressing the action and trying to finish the fight. I can't believe it was a unanimous decision. Great fight either way. Gotta love both of these guys..

  14. Nate Fury, what was Cro-Cop supposed to prove tonight? He is 35 years old and an MMA legend.

  15. The more mma sites I go on the more I see everyone pissed at the Franklin V wanderlei decision. I still am a little upset myself. Franklin really never hurt Wandy and was hurt bad in rounds 2 and 3. Wand should have won 29-28. This was such a huge fight for Wandy and to see him get ripped off on a decision is just annoying. Velasquez to me didnt look all that great. Carmello Marrero can take kongo down and lay on him just like that. Any top wrestler can. Every time they were on the feet Cain about got KO'd. This is troubling. Whats he gonna do against Lesnar or Mir. Mir will sub him and Lesnar will outwrestle him by pure power and size. The next fight for the #1 contender should be Carwin vs Velasquez. Winner fights winner of mir v. lesnar.

  16. Franklin won the fight in 29-28 in my eyes. First round was Franklins, Second round was Wanderlei and final round was Franklin. The takedown in the last round was the deciding factor for Rich to get the Win.

    Cain was impressive. He got hit hard about 3 times and still was able to power through and gave kongo a beaten. He didnt finish him put it was the same kind of beaten Lesner gave Herring and kongo is tough. I think Cain V Carwin would be good to test Cain. I think Carwin hits harder so cain would maybe need to try not get hit so cleanly as he did against kongo.

    Cro-cop mweh… he was looking like he was going win but the poke in the eye was nasty. Al turk should have shouted to the ref instead of just turning his back on a dangerous striker like cro-cop. Cro-cop is done though, i was waiting the whole time for a head kick and he didnt throw one the whole fight.

    Hardys V Davis was a good fight. Dont think Davis was as agressive in the stand up as Hardy wanted him to be. I think Hardy was pissing davis off so davis would be fighting wild but didnt seem to happen. But hardy fought well and was suprised it was a split decision. Davis didnt really hurt Hardy and Davis got messed up (wonder how his nose is lol).

    Overall good fight night. Terry Etim should be getting some tougher fights now, awesome submission.

  17. Silva vs franklin was to close for my liking and i think Silva has a furture for sure at 185 and i Hope he fights Drew Mcfris or Chris Leban..

    Hell yeah i ant wait for Terry to step up and start fighting Better 155, He is a long Great striker and Great Subs and always in shape i think he will do great this year..

  18. i think the cut really hurt wandy he seemed tired early, if not for that i think he would have knocked out rich. i was impressed by cains ability to recover and thats about it kongo did better than i thought as well.

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