UFC 99 Marcus Davis vs Dan Hardy In-Depth Preview

In Depth preview of the welterweight fight between Marcus Davis and Dan Hardy at UFC 99 “Comeback”.


  1. Cobra Clutch says:

    So, Hardy makes this whole bit up about being super-English and how fake of an Irishman Davis is, yet where did Hardy come to train? Los Angeles…home of the…BRITS???

    If your father and mother are from Italy, and move to the U.S. and they have a baby, then you're Italian by heritage. If Marcus' heritage is Irish, there's nothing wrong with him being proud of that heritage. He wouldn't deny he's also American, either. That's the nature of Americans. Many, if not most, Americans are some form of mutt. It's the nature of being in the great melting pot. We're all proud to be "Italian-French-Native American" just as well as we are proud to be "Americans."

    Hardy shoulda learned that while he was training in the United States. I guess there are no good boxing coaches in England. hahaha.

  2. what weight class is junie browning? they should set hardy vs browning like 9 mo.s in advance and see who can be the ultimate douche.

  3. I hate Hardy, but not like Davis does. I want to see Davis knock his ass out cold, but I kinda want him to sink in a choke and not let go. Maybe lack of oxygen to Hardy's brain will knock him down a few pegs.

  4. dane drebin says:

    davis is gunna be known as the UK slayer after this fight. cant wait till he knocks that mohawk off of hardy's head.

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