UFC 99 “Comback” Rich Franklin vs. Wanderlei Silva Poster


UFC 99 “Comeback” on June 13 in Germany.


  1. rich vs silva is going to be a great fight and i think its a 50/50..silva is good and the clinch and for sure has power and i dont think he will back down from rich…But rich is a better all around fighter better on the ground and has great foot work and now has been working with A Silva so i think rich should take this one

    i hope herring beat cain..

  2. Wandi will smash Rich… I like frankin, but wandi will be to strong and agressive! Franklin has been over rated for years due to a poor MW division (Until Anderson Silva turned up and shook things up)

    And… as a side point IMO hendo clearly won their fight – it should not have been a split decision!

  3. Naw dan didnt clearly win hius fight with rich.. Dan did dirty moves and on the feet rich was kicking his ass..

  4. I have to disagree Tom,.. for starters there is NO way Hendo would eye poke Rich on purpose!.. I agree Franklin was winning the last round – but Dan dominated the first 2 rounds.

    Please don't say Rich would have won if it had been a 5 round fight… cos it wasn't, and if it had been then Hendo would have trained for 5 rounds!

    Wandi V Rich is an interesting one – I'm looking forward to it!

  5. what about the head but Dan did to the top of the forhead, and dan poked him in the eye.. Thats 2 bad moves and could have cst rich the fight..

  6. ALSO I DONT see Wandi be stronger then rich.. they will be about equal in that part

  7. I actually like this card. I think Silva will bring the intensity, but he needs to be careful when he comes in. Franklin is going to have a visibly better clinch too, working with Anderson. I can't say who I want to win between those two because I really like them both. I don't see Herring beating Velasquez. Tom, I don't remember the head butt, but I really don't think the eye poke was intentional at all.

  8. Silva's chin is done. Rich franklin is more Intelligent. Wanderali gets wrekless and careless. Rich in the 2nd round by tko

  9. after rich wins who does he get next??? anyone???????

  10. If Rich wins… how about Jon Bones Jones or Vera?

  11. jONES IS A BAD MATCH FOR MANY PPL and i think he will be a champ soon

  12. hOW ABOUT Jones vs Matt hamil

    Vera vs rich would be sick

  13. Yeah,.. Jones is gonna cause a lot of people problems – I'd like to see him throw Hamil around!

    205 is deep – there are loads of interesting match up's for Frankin there… what about Bonner, Thiago Silva, Cantwell or Brian Stann??

  14. Rich would kill Brain stan and Cantwell… Rich vs Bonnar would be a badass fight or Cain ,

  15. yeah i'm thinking its vera also…just wanted to see what everyone thought

  16. Nate Fury says:

    Hamill will OWN Vera! Bones Jones, still needs to prove himself in my eyes. We will see what he does against Jake O'Brien.

  17. I hope Matt kills Vera also but it will be a great fight..

    Jones vs Obrain will be a tought fight, i mean Obrien beat HEATH herring..Has fought very great heavy weight talent like Andrei and Cain Val

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